Owning a house is a great accomplishment especially in an age when pretty much everything comes at a hefty price. Remembering the fact that a house not only accommodates you but also shields you from harmful external elements such as extreme weather conditions, it is your duty to take care of your home. A stronger and durable roof is essential to wade off danger.

It makes no sense if you have a weak roof and solid foundation; it means that you are susceptible to welcoming storms, heavy rainfall, and hurricanes. In order to avoid adverse conditions, it is important to select a roofing system that is durable and is able to withstand corrosive elements present in our region.

Choosing the right roofing structure is important, you need consider certain factors before construction, such as:

•The climate of the place where you live (i.e Weather Conditions)

•The housing design

•Your budget

Now we live in a tropical climate, prone to extreme weather during the Hurricane season. Your preferred Roof structure is a sloping roof for your home. Sloping roofs prevent water from getting collected. They help easy drainage of excess water. Moreover, these roofs are less prone to corrosion. Whether it’s residential or commercial construction, Kooyman offers professional customer advice; simply schedule a meeting at our customer service desk and one of the experienced account managers available will be able to help guide you through the steps of (re)building a strong and secure roof for your home and or business.

The team at Kooyman recommends their line of Galvalum Roofing, when (re)building the most secure roof structure. These Galvalum Roofing Sheets are available in two styles: Corrugated (standard) and Trapezium sheets. Galvalum benefits include: Prisma coating on both sides (Top 65 micron and bottom 50 micron), sheets come in Red, Blue, Gray and White colors and are available in lengths of 14, 16, 18 and 20 feet; equipped with color matching Stainless Steel Screws (A2-304).

These European quality roofing sheets come with a 10 year warranty on rust if installed as prescribed by manufacturer. Be sure to stop by Kooyman to inquire more information regarding the installation guide. The guide is currently available in Dutch, though Kooyman promises to have the English version ready soon. If you already have your Galvalum roofing sheets at hand and you’re about to begin your roofing installation. Here are some Important do’s and don’ts to remember when installing Galvalum Roofing:


•         Do use proper Timber (purlins) for the underlying structure (at least 2”x3”purlins at max. 3’ centers)

•         Do use butyl-mastic tape as a seal in between side- and endlaps

•         Do use sufficient screws (at least one screw every third wave)


•           Don’t try to save some dollars on fasteners (use sufficient screws to secure your roof).

•           Don’t overtighten the screws, this may cause unnecessary leaking.

•           Don’t cut the sheets with a grinder, use a nibbler tool or an aviation snip tool.

•           Don’t use nails.

Kooyman remains your preferred choice for quality building materials, so remember to stop by and speak to their experienced account managers about how you can (re)build better and stronger structures. Oh and while your there, be sure to check out their example roofing structure model built based on VROMI standards.