How to Choose The Right Indoor Paint

When you are planning to do an indoor paint project, it can be a little overwhelming. We have up to 16000 colors available in-store. Specifically designed for our Caribbean weather, Kooyman paints are durable and high-quality paints. When choosing which colors and paint type to select from, keep the following in mind; our experts can guide you in every step of the way!


Step 1: Choose the right paint

Kooyman Latex Wall paint is the most commonly used option for indoor paint. It dries faster than oil-based paint and is more environmentally friendly. Kooyman paint usually comes in 5 finishes.  The finishes are gradations from matte to shiny, matte have great coverage but are more difficult to clean, towards more glossy are easily washable and can handle all kinds of scrubbing but you see more imperfections. 


Step 2: Select your color

To choose the right color you should test the paint samples on a surface first, because colors look different throughout the day as the lighting in the room changes. 

After choosing the paint color samples to take home, test the samples on the desired areas, so you can see how the paint does in your lighting. Take into account that colors can look different in natural light or artificial light. 


Step 3: Applying the paint

Once you have the final color and finish, you can apply the paint with rollers or brushes. 

Don’t forget that Kooyman offers a wide variety of paint accessories you need when painting indoors. Items such as; covering paper, tape, paint overalls, mixing stick, and cleaning supplies. 


TIP: Are you painting a lighter colored paint on a dark wall? Then we advise to include a primer when painting, it covers the previous color while saving you extra layers of the new colored paint. It also helps with getting a better grip and better coverage in comparison when not using a primer.

If you want more information about which paint brush or roller to use, watch our How to choose the right paint brush and rollers video!

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