"Recycled plastic, reimagined"

Let's tackle the Caribbean plastic waste issue by transforming our islands’ plastic waste into eco-friendly, durable and affordable building materials and furniture.​ With a groundbreaking innovation, plastic waste is now being repurposed into durable Ekoduro building materials.​

EKODURO will be available in your local Kooyman store soon. The materials are maintenance-free and produced to last forever. They’re weatherproof, won’t fade, are splinter free, odorless and cleanable with water and regular soap.​ ​

For more information or a product demonstration please contact:  ekoduro@kooymanbv.com

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Frequently asked questions

What’s Ekoduro composite decking board made of?
It is made from a combination of recycled plastic and minerals; composite decking is manufactured to look like real wood decking. 
No preservative chemicals are used during manufacturing, and you get to skip the splinters that come from traditional wooden decks.

How long does Ekoduro composite decking board last?
Composite board is known for its long life.  It isn’t prone to rotting, decay, or termite damage. It also won’t fade or wear down from constant exposure to the sun and hot temperatures. 

Is Ekoduro composite decking board slippery?
The Ekoduro decking board is designed in such a way, with the wood grain print, that it prevents slipperiness. The board is water repellent and hydrofobe, which makes it perfect to build a pier for example. Algae will take longer to grow on Ekoduro board than onto wood.
Does composite decking require maintenance?
Composite decks require minimal maintenance. Regularly clear off any debris like leaves, dirt, and dust. Give your deck / furniture a more thorough clean once a year using just a brush, hose, and mild cleaner. Don’t use power washers, as they can damage composite decks. Unlike wooden decks, composite decking doesn’t require staining, waterproofing, or sealing.

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