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Clean water supply with the right accessories and filters

A well working plumbing system that provides clean water is an essential part of every home as it’s used for cooking, cleaning, and provides much wanted comfort to your family. For your plumbing system and water to be healthy, you might need to regularly test the water for contaminants and update plumbing and connections for better control or to avoid leakages.


Water filtration systems

Safe and clean drinking water has always been an essential part of people’s health. Water filtration systems has a long history, its purpose has always been to clean the water from harmful contaminants and bacteria, but the new modern systems enhance the water quality even further.


Depending on your needs, there are different water filtration systems available: the “complete house” filtration systems that is connected to the main water supply which filters the water as it comes into the system, and the second option is the under sink filtration system that is installed at a single tap to clean the water it provides. There are also portable water purifier appliances that cleans the water in a separate system where water is added.


For what do you need a water filter?

Water quality can be impacted by several factors including temperature, nearby pollutants, your home’s plumbing system and the general water quality of your geographic region.


Because of the many factors that effect the water, the water quality doesn’t need to be consistent and you should be aware that issues can appear over time.


Basically, “pure water” is very rare, even in nature meaning that no matter where your water is coming from, contaminants could be present and having a water filtration system is always a wise choice.


Signs that you need a water filtration system

Like mentioned, every household can benefit from a water filtration system, but there are certain signs that you would urgently need one:


Known water issues

In some geographic areas, you might have a known water problem, like problems with a local well or supply, or maybe an accidental pollution that could impact the drinking water. 


Tastes and odors

If your water suddenly smells, there can be several reasons of what could cause it. It could be the water itself, the sink, the piping or other external elements. It’s therefore hard to know the cause without a water test, this can point to how to fix it.


While some water taste issues are just that, unpleasant, others could be health threatening. Because of these reason, any change in taste or odor is a good reason to have a water test done to inspect the cause.


Discoloration or staining

Water might not be fully clear but if yours have a yellow-ish color or if it leaves stains on your laundry or sink, it can indicate a contamination problem that could harm the water quality.


Doing regular water tests can give you insight of how your water system is doing and if you need to implement a filtration system to avoid potential health issues. 


Other plumbing accessories

To have a well-functioning plumbing system, several accessories are available for connecting your sanitary equipment. To control the waterflow, you would need valves and there are several models available. Each with the same purpose but used in different applications.


You can find valves in a wide variety of materials, from brass to plastic. Some materials perform better in certain environments, and you would need to pay attention to the different qualities of the materials to find one suited for your purpose. Also consider the pressure and temperature that the valve would be exposed to.


The plumbing escutcheon is normally referred to as flanges or cover plates, it’s a plumbing accessory used for covering pipe holes in walls and ceilings. They can be called decorative pieces as without them plumbing work will look unfinished.

Water leak detector & alarm

The same way a smoke detector would warn you for a possible fire, a water leakage detector will warn you for a possible water leakage. 


Even thou fire might be a homeowner’s worst nightmare, insurance companies will tell you that the far more common cause of property damage is water leakages, no matter if you aren’t living in an area prone to flooding. And the longer a leakage goes undetected, the bigger the damage it will cause.


When having a water leak detector or alarm, you can reduce this risk by having it alert you of a problem, early on before it can cause serious damage.   


The device should be placed in areas where the water would pool as the alarm activates when the sensor gets in contact with water. Make sure that your device has a strong alarm sound or is connected to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, so you won’t miss the alert!