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A functional bathroom for the entire family

Looking to increase the storage and functionality of your bathroom? Adding the right bathroom furniture and accessories will make a big difference in how you use your bathroom. Medicine cabinets to keep products away from toddlers, or a safety handle in your shower if you are experience limited mobility, they can be lifesaving! So, consider your options and make the best use of your bathrooms!                                                

The right bathroom furniture

When it comes to bathroom furniture you can easily get lost in the number of choices and models available.

When buying your bathroom furniture the first thing you need to consider is the bathroom size and layout, and decide what furniture is needed for optimal functionality. You would also need to make sense of your storage needs and how to organize your products in a safe but easily accessible way.

When knowing this, you would need to decide what style of furniture that would suit your home design. Maybe you want to make it more modern with high gloss furniture or more rustic by adding a wooden cabinet? The choice is yours!

You have space saving furniture solutions for smaller bathrooms and entire furniture systems to fit larger bathrooms. Make sure the furniture is the right choice for your family and for the size of your bathroom to not feel cluttered or crowded.

Medicine cabinets

The medicine cabined offers a discreet way of storing and organizing your toiletries, keeping them out of sight. This piece of furniture is an essential part of every functional bathroom, providing storage and safety.

Depending on your bathroom style and design, you have many models to choose between. You have larger variants with double doors and smaller more sleek models like the mirror medicine cabinet. Depending on your storage needs and size of your bathroom, you decide on the size and model for best functionality. 

Bathroom sinks

As the sink is a part of your bathroom furniture, you should have it match the style of your bathroom and the other furniture. They come in many different styles and materials and even thou the bathroom is the smallest room in your home, it can still express your style and taste!

Consider the mount of the sink, you have the flush-mount sink that is placed in the countertop, the under-mount sink that is installed under the countertop, the wall mount sink that is independently installed on the wall and the traditional pedestal sinks where the sink is mounted on a pedestal or stand.

Consider the storage options as if you are in need of a cabinet to store towels and other toiletry, it could be wise to add a cabinet mounted sink.


If you have the space for it, adding a bathtub to your bathroom is not only a interior design statement but it also adds a spa functionality and l feel to it. And there are options to choose between! You have a standard freestanding tubs like the soaking tub, that you just fill with water and there are whirlpool or air baths that has jets or channels that provides massage.

The more functions the tub has, the more expensive it will be! So consider your budget and needs to find the right one. And when you do, a tip is to climb in and try it before you buy it. You would need to fit nicely and be comfortable with the design.

Bathroom hardware

When buying bathroom hardware or accessories you have an ocean of styles and products to choose between. Bathroom accessories are essential for everyday use and when designing your bathroom, this could be easily overlooked. The finishing touches will add functionality and make your bathroom easy to use.

Bathroom accessories like robe hooks, toilet roll dispenser, toothbrush holders, towel rail and soap dispensers are items we all need. These accessories come in freestanding or fitted versions.

The fitted versions are mounted on walls, and this would need some drilling and installation skills. If you prefer an accessory that can easily be moved or changed, the freestanding models are a better fit for you.

Bathroom safety for all

Being safe in your own home is important when having toddlers and elderly living with you, or if you are experiencing limited mobility issues. Having the right safety accessories in your bathroom could be lifesaving considering the slipping risk. Products like grab bars, bath lifts or bath math’s can make your shower a safe place.

Other helpful products like shower chairs, raised toilet seats, and children toilet seats can aid the ability of independently going to the bathroom or making your job easier while assisting your loved one.