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Workwear for avoiding work related injuries

While working on your projects it’s important to use the right workwear for avoiding possible injuries but also to make the project run smoother. As a part of workwear you have the Personal Protective Equipment or PPE, these products are an essential part of every building site for keeping you safe while working.

Depending on the potential hazards and danger, you should equip yourself with the correct equipment to avoid any potential injuries.

Tool pouches and belts

Tool belts and pouches are great accessories as you can keep what you need while working, right at your waist. You will be able to work more efficiently as you don’t need to run back and forth to your toolbox and you will also avoid misplacing your tools. The toolbelt is quite versatile and can be used by professionals and the DIYer.

You have different options for your toolbelt, you have the suspender belt that can be used to reduce the weight around your waist if you carry a lot of tools, you have the regular waist belt that is tied around the waist with multiple pockets and the pouch belts that is also tied around the waist but has a pouch in the front that can also be detached if needed.


Working on the floor and being on bended knees can be quite challenging and sometimes even brutal. No matter if you are old or young, using a set of kneepads can save you from future joint pain and arthritis issues. They can also offer stability and keeping you from siding or slipping on the floor while working.

Safety helmets

Safety helmets are designed to protect the upper part of the workers head from impact, burns, electrical hazards and from falling objects. The helmets are also designed to resist perforation, water and fire which makes them perfect for any projects. Buying a solid helmet with the right safety standards for the project you are working on can be lifesaving! Make sure you buy a helmet that can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly to ensure the best possible protection.

Eye protection

Our eyes are the most sensitive part of our body and the effects of an eye injury could be devastating. The cornea, which is the outer layer of the eye is only 0,5mm thick and is therefore very vulnerable to foreign objects and hazardous substances as it can be easily damaged.

When working with chemicals, welding, or sawing you should wear protective glasses as splinters and residues can get into your eyes and permanently damage them.

You should also have an eyewash included in your first aid kit to be able to rinse your eyes fast if you by any chance would get any foreign objects in them.

Protective gloves

Designed to protect you from hazards like chemicals, electricity and heat, they come in different fabrics based on the usage. Depending on the potential danger you are exposed to, protection gloves come with different safety levels, from the disposable gloves to be used around your home for the less hazardous projects to strong, protective gloves for mechanical risks and chemical protection. It’s important to choose the right safety standard so read the labels on the gloves it’s mentioned how they should be used.

Work boots

When working outdoors or with heavy materials, wearing work boots can make the job not only safer but easier. It’s one of the few items that you use throughout the project to provide comfort and stability. With a good quality sole and thick fabric they protect your feet from falling objects but also if you would accidently step on something sharp.

Face masks

Facemasks has been around for a long time but has made a name for themselves now during COVID. Used for many jobs around the construction site and when used correctly, facemasks can protect you from harmful gas, dust and fumes that could be harmful to your health. There are several different kind of masks depending on the hazard and in some cases a combination of filters needs to be used as particle filters do not guard against gas or vapor and gas filters doesn’t protect against particles.

So be sure to select a mask with the right filter to protect yourself properly.

Hearing protection

Workplace noise is a common issue around construction sites and it causes earing problems for thousands of workers each year.

If you will be using loud machinery, noisy power tools or explosive impact tools, then you should wear hearing protection while working to not run the risk of future hearing loss.

Reflective clothing

Reflective clothing, or Hi Viz clothing is attire that is worn for visibility. While working in busy environments like close to a road you want to easily be visible for safety reasons. The Hi Viz clothing is made with fluorescent colors like Saturn Yellow or Hi Viz Orange together with a reflective material for high visibility both during the day and night.