Top 6 DIY paint tips that everyone should know

Top 6 DIY paint tips that everyone should know

Giving your home some fresh coats of paint seems easy enough. Get yourself a brush, roller, paint buckets, and it should be a breeze.

While it's easy for everyone to do DIY paint jobs, they won't always get fantastic results. To ensure your house looks stunning after you're through with it, here are the top 6 DIY paint tips you should know.


1. Invest in Quality Supplies
A paintbrush here, a paint tray there, and liners, drop cloths, etc., can all add up quickly. Understandably, you'll want to keep your spending low to keep more money in your pocket. But you'll get what you pay for if you opt for the cheapest things possible.

Chances are, you'll need to repaint your property in the future. So if you invest in high-quality supplies at the start, you'll have excellent tools to work with, both now and later.


2. Choose the Right Paint

You might already know that there's specific paint for indoor and outdoor use. You can also choose between two main types: oil-based (alkyd) and water-based (latex/acrylic).

But did you know that they have different finishes too? These will affect how glossy and durable the paint is. For example, if you want to hide imperfections in your wall, then flat or matte paint finishes are great choices. However, they're less resistant to stains, and can be difficult to clean too. On the other hand, if you want the shiniest finish, pick gloss. It's very durable and can be used on surfaces that need frequent cleaning, such as kitchen cabinets or doors.

Depending on the surface and type of paint you're using, you might also need a primer. It'll help the paint adhere to the surface better, and it'll prevent stains from bleeding through too. Plus, it'll reduce the number of coats needed.


3. Prepare All Surfaces Before Painting

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with DIY paint projects is not preparing the surfaces first. If you skip this step, then not even the best tools and paint can give you amazing results.

Take the time to dust and wash the surfaces you're painting. You should also remove any loose or peeling paint, as well as fill in cracks, holes, and imperfections. Give the spackle or putty time to dry, then sand the areas smooth afterward.


4. Make Good Use of Painter's Tape

For your DIY paint project, make sure your home's protected by using painter's tape. Don't be afraid to be generous with it to cover edges, corners, and trim.

In addition, press the tape down firmly as you're applying it. This will prevent the paint from bleeding.


5. Paint Like a Pro

It may be true that you don't have much experience with DIY paint, but you can still get impressive results by employing a few DIY paint tips.

First, you should always stir the paint thoroughly before dipping your brush in. This gives you excellent color consistency and proper mixing of pigments.

Use your brush first to cut in the edges and corners; this is filling in the spots that a roller can't reach. Then use a "W" or "M" pattern with the roller to get an even distribution of paint. With both, be careful not to overload them with excess paint, as it can lead to drips and uneven coverage.


6. Ventilate Your Space

Paint will give off harmful fumes as soon as you open the buckets, so avoid breathing them in by ventilating the room. Open the windows and doors, and set up a fan to blow the fumes away from you.

This has the added bonus of helping paint dry faster. You'll be able to apply more coats in a shorter time frame.

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Top 6 DIY paint tips that everyone should know

Are you planning on refreshing your home's paint? Then here are the top DIY paint tips you should use for your next project.

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