Atmor Series 200 Electric Shower Heater 127 V

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Electronically controlled instant electric water heater
Automatically activated when hot water faucet is turned on
2 Control buttons to achieve 4 temperature settings
Green & Eco product: energy and water saver
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Atmor Series 200 electric instant water heaters provide an unlimited stream of hot water to shower basins in apartments, offices, and other places of business. Series 200 has a tubular heating element and four temperature settings. Electronically controlled, Series 200 ensures maximum savings in water and electricity. The appliance must be grounded, and connected to the supply by means of permanent wiring through an isolation switch having a contact separation of at least 3mm on all poles, and protected by a suitably rated circuit breaker. The cross-sectional area of the connection cable must be in accordance with the power rating of the appliance and the specific requirement of the installation site. The appliance must be installed in accordance with the current IEE wiring regulations.


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    Hot water
    I enjoy my atmor shower
    It's really helpfull
    A must have
    Recommend this
    I recommend this product
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    Water heater
    I bought the Atmore water heater and had it installed. It works as described and seems to be electricity efficient. It's good to have hot water in the cooler months.
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    Atmor Series 200 Electric Shower Heater 3300 Watt, 127 Volt
    This product is perfect. I can recommend it to everyone.
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    Atmor Electric shower
    I bought an Atmor Electric Shower and can recommend it to everyone. The good thing is, that it has 3 heating setting position good for all skin types.
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    Best brand and product
    This product is a must. Highly recommended.
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