bathroom improvement

You might think that bathroom improvement projects are not for you, but how nice would it be to update that outdated bathroom? Creating a relaxing and calm space for you to recharge after a long day?

Your bathroom might be a very private part of your home, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most important spaces and in your day-to-day routine. It can be easily overlooked by other projects that might be considered as more important.


But you can easily update your bathroom, making it a bit more modern with these small but yet impactful changes:


1. Replace old wallpaper
One of the first things you should consider when revamping a bathroom is the wallpaper. ​​Use different shades of a similar color palette to create a more subtle but equally interesting vibe.

2. Paint the inside of cabinets
Make your bathroom more personal by adding some paint to your cabinets. Opt for bold colors, and accessories with matching towels to give the room even more charm.

3. Consider a new showerhead
The most modern fixtures are sophisticated and will improve the quality of your morning shower. Also, the newest models are more efficient than their older counterparts. 

4. Take out your shower altogether
Replacing a shower can enhance and modernize any bathroom instantly. If you have a tub that you never use, consider taking it out and installing a full walk-in shower with a sliding glass door for an open space feel. 

5. Opt for a sleeker mirror
The right mirror can elevate and expand your bathroom. When complemented with the right lighting, this turns your bathroom into one of the most modern places in your home.

6. Update light fixtures
New light fixtures do not illuminate your bathroom better, but they also make the space look and feel much better as a whole. Upgrade from the style you currently have to a newer, more modern lighting alternative. 

7. Add some life
A few indoor plants give your bathroom a little bit more sensibility and life. Think about a windowsill or hanging shelf to place a few succulents or other low-maintenance plants.