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The right BBQ for successful grilling

Cooking on the BBQ and enjoying your meals outside is the perfect way to make the most of outdoor living space. When deciding which BBQ is best suited for your needs you would have to consider how you want to use it and the features that are important to you.


Having the right BBQ and accessories for grilling will improve your cooking experience. As different BBQs have different qualities and ways of best cooking your food. You have the charcoal barbecue that gives your food a richer, smokey flavor and then the gas barbecue that can provide you with better temperature control for even cooking. Find our range of barbecues here.


Below you will find an overview of the points to consider when buying your new BBQ:  

Charcoal vs gas BBQ

The biggest choice you would need to make when buying a BBQ is deciding how you want to cook your food, meaning on gas or charcoal.


The charcoal barbecue

People like cooking with charcoal because the grills get hot, and it infuses a lot of flavor into the food. They do take longer to start up but they provide a rich smokey flavor to your food. You have many different models, ranging from big to small, portable grills and generally charcoal BBQs are cheaper than gas BBQs. 
On the downside, they are quite time consuming to clean and you would need to buy new briquettes regularly as they are only to be used once.


The gas barbecue

Gas grills are more convenient as they have a short starting time, you only turn on the burners and you can start grilling! With the burners you also have great temperature accuracy as you can adjust them, giving you better cooking accuracy. As gas grills produces more steam than smoke, the food cooked will be more moist and less charred. They are also easier to clean!


The new kamado BBQ

This newer charcoal barbecue model uses ceramic casting to retain the heat and moisture giving it great temperature control. Because of its design, it has great versatility as it can steam, grill and work like an oven. You have a wide range of accessories to choose between that can add even more benefits. 


Grilling made easy with the right BBQ accessories

For whatever grill model you chose, you would need to add grilling accessories to the list to optimize the cooking and experience. 

Grill spatulas, tongs and grill fork are examples of tools that will have you grill with much better ease. You can safely control the food and move it around as wanted to be able to cook it properly. You can also choose to buy BBQ mitts for working over the grill and move hot plates.

To cook your meat to perfection, you should invest in a grill thermometer. By measuring the core temperature you can decide the cook of the meat but also making sure it’s safe for your guests to eat.

A chimney starter could be a smart investment if you have a charcoal grill or smoker. This tool will help you light any kind of charcoal fast and easy!


BBQ maintenance

Depending on the grill you choose, the maintenance might differ. Charcoal grills requires more cleaning after cooking than the gas grills, but for keeping any grill well maintained we recommend you to buy a grill brush to easily remove leftovers. 


There are many different cleaning products and cleaning tools but the steel brush is perfect to safely clean the grill with when it’s still warm, to get the worst of the mess away! And before you start cooking on your grill, make sure to first preheat your grill completely, this will clean and disinfect your grill. 


To keep your grill protected from the rain but also the sun, buying a grill cover is a great choice when it comes to extending its lifetime. This initial added cost will save you on maintenance in the end!