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The perfect outdoor furniture for your patio

Selecting the right outdoor furniture for your patio can totally transform the functionality and appearance of your space.

With a great variety of options, it’s now easy to recreate the same style and comfort of your indoor space outdoors. And buying outdoor furniture like Garden Furtniture is a similar process as buying indoor furniture, but the main difference is the weather impact. Patio furniture needs to be maintained and taken care of in a different way than indoor furniture.

So when selecting your outdoor furniture there are quite some things to consider, cause no one wants to invest in brand new furniture only to realize later that it’s not the right fit!

Flexible seating is always a great option

Investing in multipurpose furniture is always a good choice, no matter if it’s because of a small outdoor space or just that you don’t want to clutter it. If you consider Camping & Beach Chairs or Adirondack Chairs for example, these will perfectly suit in your back lawn as well.


There are a range of flexible seating options that can be used for different purposes so carefully select pieces that can double up as a foot stool, coffee table or a chair. This makes it easy having enough seats when guests come over for that afternoon BBQ.


Many outdoor furniture comes with storage, perfect to keep magazines and cushions safe from the weather when not in use.


Match the colors

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home so why not match the outside with the inside? When buying outdoor furniture, you aren’t limited to neutral colors as nowadays wood furniture and metal pieces come in a range of colorful choices.


You can also select shades that plays of colors found outside or in your landscaping. But I would reserve the bold colors to accessories such as cushions and pillow that can easily be changed when you get tired of them.


Consider maintenance

When choosing outdoor furniture, the most important point to consider is the maintenance, consider the pros and cons with the different materials.


For easy cleaning and upkeep look for plastic furniture. Offering durability and weatherproof qualities makes it a great option when having kids. Synthetic rattan is also an option as it’s easy to wipe off. When choosing a table, there are many options available but when having a glass top helps with keeping it clean.


Powder-coated metal is also easy to take care of and if it shows signs of rust over time, special waxes and sprays can help to prevent this.


Then you have wooden furniture, which is usually durable but different kind of woods requires different ways of maintenance. An example is Teak, it will last for years but over time the color changes to a silvery-grey shade. But like with all wood, if you don’t want this look you can use as stain protector. And for textiles, choose a fully-waterproof fabric that can handle rainy days.


Cleaning your outdoor furniture regularly is the secret to helping it look great for longer, no matter what material you choose! You can easily wipe of the furniture weekly and for those with a pool it’s wise to hose off the furniture and wash the cushions regularly to remove chlorine that could leave stains.


How about the weather?

No matter where you live, the climate will have an impact on your outdoor furniture. Hot weather can have wood crack and moisture can create rot over time. Iron furniture is strong and stable but will be affected by salt in the air.


Many pieces of furniture come with a weather-resistant finish applied at the factory, but over time this finish will start to wear away and break down. The sun is the worst enemy, it dulls and fades paint, fabrics and wood but also degrades plastic and other synthetic materials.


It’s therefore important knowing how to take care of your furniture for it to last longer. Ask for maintenance tips when buying them or even better and use shadow or storage to keep them away from the elements when not in use.


Add an outdoor rug for comfort

Adding an area rug to your seating area doesn’t only provide style and color, it also adds comfort. They also prevent chairs and tables from scratching your deck or gliding around on smooth surfaces. But best of all, it offers a nice soft padding for your bare feet!


You have many different shapes and colors to choose between, so buy one that suits your taste and home.


Accessorize your space!

Make your outdoor design feel cozy by adding a touch of greenery, inviting outdoor lighting, and textiles to make it more inviting. 


And remember to add shade to your outdoor space! You can find Kooyman's sun covering assortment here.