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Essential painting supplies for a successful project

Few DIY projects are as user friendly as painting, and it doesn’t require a lot of knowledge or experience to get the job done.  But let's face it, using the right painting supplies and preparing the room and surface properly is the one and only way for a successful painting result!

Even if it might be tedious and takes quite some time, there are no shortcuts! 

The must haves for your paint project

To get the best result, it is important to spend some time prepping the walls, patching holes, cleaning the surface from dirt and sanding down bumps etc.

Also make sure that when you start painting you have all the painting tools needed for the job as it can be frustrating and time consuming if you would need to leave to the store in the middle of the painting.

In the end it comes down to a few essential painting supplies that you would need to invest in to make your project easy and fun:

Painter’s tape

The best trick to create straight lines is using painters’ tape, no matter how steady your hand might be! Painters tape functions like normal masking tape but has a different degree of stickiness and is designed to not damage your walls and trims. It sticks well when applying but it also comes off easy without leaving any residue or flakes of tape which makes it more appropriate for painting jobs.  


Investing in a good sturdy ladder could be a smart move for any project! We should all prioritize safety and using a ladder when needing to reach high up is a much better choice than the kitchen chair.

Plastic drop cloth

No matter if you are painting a furnished room or an empty one, there is always something that needs to be protected! A plastic drop cloth is cheap and easy to throw on top of furniture. When using it for the floor  it is recommended to choose a thicker plastic so it won't tear when stepped on. And to minimize slipping, tape down the edges down!

Paint brushes & rollers

Using a paint roller to cover big surfaces will get the job done faster. But make sure to use the right roller cover as they are not all made the same! Some are designed for smooth wall surfaces, others for stucco or brick walls. Then synthetic covers like nylon are good for latex paint and natural covers like wool are good for oil-based paint.

Then use a paint brush for smaller areas and edging. A flat headed brush is best used for larger even spaces while an angled brush helps achieve clean edges and is great to paint corners and trim. A polyester brush is to be used for latex paint while a naturel bristle brush should be used for oil-based paint.

TIP: If you're done painting for the day and want to continue painting the next day, cover the brush or roller in plastic wrap. Make sure to make it airtight and it will keep the paint from drying!

Roller tray

When buying a solid plastic tray, you will make the cleaning easier. They're rigid, but latex paint won’t stick and will also comes off easier. And choose a paint tray with a ribbed “roll-off” area as it will help you load your roller evenly.

Paint thinner

So, finally done with painting, but the project doesn’t stop there! No matter how tired you are, you must clean everything.

And doing this straight after will be easier as it can be quite hard to clean off dried paint. For oil-based paint the paint thinner is a must! Both for cleaning the room and yourself.

With a wide assortment of both paint and painting supplies, Kooyman has what you need for a successful paint project!