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Controlling Your Water: Tanks, Pumps, Wells & Accessories

When it comes to managing water and maintaining a reliable water supply, tanks, pumps, and accessories play a crucial role. We will explore the various types of tanks, pumps, and accessories available in the market and their specific uses. Whether you are looking to upgrade your water management system or need to replace existing equipment, understanding these options will help you make informed decisions for your water-related needs.


Water Tanks

Water Tanks are essential for storing and managing water in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. They come in various sizes, materials, and designs to suit specific requirements. Some common types of water tanks include:


Above-Ground Water Tanks

These tanks are installed above the ground and are often used for rainwater harvesting, well water storage, and emergency water supply. They are available in different materials such as plastic, fiberglass, and steel.


Underground Water Tanks

Ideal for saving space, underground water tanks are buried below the ground surface. They are commonly used for storing rainwater, greywater, and water for irrigation purposes.


Pressure Tanks

Pressure tanks are specifically designed to maintain water pressure in plumbing systems. They are often used in combination with pumps to ensure consistent water flow and pressure throughout the building.



Pumps are essential for moving water from one location to another, ensuring proper circulation and distribution. Different types of pumps are available for various applications, including:


Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps are used to remove water from basements, crawl spaces, and areas prone to flooding. They prevent water damage by efficiently draining excess water and preventing basement flooding.


Well Pumps

Well pumps are used to extract water from underground wells for residential, agricultural, and commercial purposes. They come in different types such as submersible pumps and jet pumps, depending on the well depth and water volume requirements.


Booster Pumps

Booster pumps are used to increase water pressure in systems where low pressure is a concern. They are commonly used in multi-story buildings, irrigation systems, and areas with insufficient water pressure.



Accessories are essential components that complement tanks and pumps, ensuring efficient operation and maintenance. Some common accessories include:

Float Switches

Float switches are used in tanks and sump pumps to automatically control water levels. They activate or deactivate the pump based on the water level, preventing overflow or dry running.

Pressure Switches

Pressure switches are used in pressure tanks and well pumps to control water pressure.