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A heavy duty vacuum cleaner for messy cleanups

For cleaning up after your DIY projects, a wet dry vacuum cleaner will make the job easy for you. This vacuum is suited for all types of cleaning, from the construction site to the privacy of your home and even your car.  With the right attachments and accessories you will get all messes in your home cleaned, from spills to dust and dirt.

Wet dry vacuum cleaners are not your normal household vacuum cleaners but a power tool that can provide heavy duty cleaning to remove dust, water, glass, wood and even metal debris. Some can even unblock drains.

This cleaner is a great investment if you tend to take on DIY project regularly or if just want to a vacuum that can clean up heavy messes around your home.

This heavy duty vacuum come in different sizes and capacities, from the mini-sized vacuums to the large-sized powerful models.

Different sized vacuum cleaners

When buying your vacuum you have to consider the capacity you would need or what kind of mess you will be cleaning up regularly. As the bigger the mess you need to clean, the bigger the capacity needed.

The heavy duty vacuums come is four general sizes, the mini, the small, the medium and the large sized models.

The mini-sized model has a very limited capacity but as it is lightweight and small it’s ideal for apartments and for cleaning the car. They have a limited reach and usage but can be carried around easily.

The small-sized model has slightly more capacity than the mini model and can be easily stored away due to its small size. It can be used around the household for smaller cleanups but the canister can hold up to double the amount than that of the mini model. It normally comes with a longer nozzle for reaching high up but also for vacuuming the floors.

The medium-sized model has a much greater capacity that the previous mentioned models and can be used for DIY projects around your home or for in the workshop where you need to clean up debris. This model is best suited for bigger households or garages, but it’s also suited for cleaning professionals as it provides a good balance between power and mobility.

The large-sized model is the most powerful model on the market and can handle the heavy-duty cleaning on construction sites and in workshops. They are big and if their cannister is full, they could get quite heavy so the mobility is quite limited, even thou they come with wheels. Because of its great capacity, it can clean up larger pieces of debris around a construction site but also clean up a flooded basement.

The vacuum features to consider

When it comes to the performance of a vacuum, the two major things to consider are the capacity and power.


The capacity refers to the volume that the storage tank can hold and this is given in liters or gallons. Normally the larger the capacity, the larger the size as well so you would need to consider what would be more important, the capacity or the mobility.


The power of a vacuum is normally mentioned in peak horse power (HP) and this effects the sucking power and the capability of how effectively it can clean up debris.

The suction measurement, called water lift indicates how much the vacuum can pull or lift up in a sealed suction, measuring the pure suction force of the motor.

The CFM refers to the airflow and is measured by how many “cubic feet of air per minute” it can take in through the hose.

What makes a better vacuum?

The key is to find a great balance between the CFM and the Water Lift as this will define an efficient vacuum cleaner!

Vacuums attachments and accessories

The vacuum attachments can make the cleaning easier but also extend the functionality. Normally, the wet dry vacuums come with a range of attachments: extension wand, crevice tool, floor or squeegee nozzle, brush nozzle and the utility nozzle.

Some vacuums come with a dust bag, a bag that is placed inside of the canister and that can be easily removed and thrown away when full.

Depending on the filter and how regular you use your device, you need to replace it every couple of months for optimal power. Some models come with a washable filter, making it easy for you to clean and replace it.