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Patio decking for improved outdoor living

Adding decking to your outdoor space doesn’t only add functionality but also value to your home. The space can host a many nice activities like big family dinners but also your morning starter coffee. When putting in the effort to build a deck, you want to make sure you choose the right board material.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to home design, people have different budgets and preferences. Maybe that’s also why you have so many choices when it comes to home improvements. When deciding to add a deck to your home, other choices like brick and tiles should also be considered, most of the time you make decisions based on functionality and aesthetics because a deck looks very nice!

It's always a good idea to extend your living space to the outside, we want to assist you in your choice of decking! Kooyman carries a great assortment of decking boards and we have made a short overview of what you need to consider:

What is the decking material?

When building your deck, you want to be sure to choose the right material. But with the market full of choices we have summarized the main options for you:

Treated Timber decking

For a classic deck look, you can decide to use pressure treated timber. The timber bords are of natural timber but with added protection which enhances their natural properties and prevents it from shrinking and warping due to the weather. This added protection is also for keeping fungal and insects away and will have it stay in good condition for longer.  

The downside of the timber decking is that it needs to be regularly maintained throught painting or stain and if you will be having outdoor furniture on your decking, the wood could scratch.

Composite decking

The composite boards are a popular alternative to timber boards as they embody the quality wooden look but without the hassle of maintenance. The boards are made from a blend of recycled timber fiber and recycled plastic, bonded together and with a color addition.

This combination also prevents splintering, wrapping or any other issues that normal wood is prone to. A big plus is that the boards won’t fade with the exposure to sunlight so they will look like new for a much longer time. And there is no need for maintenance, which is great! But they are usually more pricy than regular wood decking.

PVC decking

Another alternative is the PVC decking. These board are made from polyvinyl chloride which is a type of plastic and has no organic material included in its structure. It has the same low maintenance qualities as the composite decking, but they are even more water resistant as they have no organic material. As they are 100% synthetic, they also come at a higher cost but will last the longest of the three alternatives.

Deck tiles

This new option for patio decking is an easy to install panel system that can be laid on top of a harder surface, creating a larger deck.  As they are light weight and doesn’t require any specific prework, they are great looking option to smaller spaces like balconies or roof terraces. You lay the tiles by clicking them into each other and they come in a variety of colors and styles.

Choose the right decking screws

When installing your deck, make sure to use the right screws for the job! Depending on the boards you use, the screws differ and choosing the right screw is essential for keeping your deck in great shape for longer! You can also decide to use coated screws that matches the boards, making them blend in better.

Accessorize your new deck!

Bring the inside style and comfort outside by adding not only shading but also plants, furniture and maybe also a nice rug? To add coziness but also functionality to the space, use outside lighting like the string light to hang over your patio and seating area.

Last but not least, before you start with your deck project, make sure that you have a solid foundation to build on. Depending on the surface, there is different options for you to consider.

At Kooyman you can get the assistance you need! Contact us for more information on how to make your new decking project a success!