Cedrorana Tropical Hardwood Dutch Door 830 x 2110 mm

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Wood has a high R-value, so wooden doors are little affected by temperature changes.
Wooden doors are highly efficient at keeping out most sounds as compared to other materials.
Wooden doors have a very classical look. Wood if often associated with elegance, and it demonstrates to increase the value of any property.
Wooden doors are durable.
Wooden frames and doors are much cheaper to maintain because the process in comparison to aluminum or metal doors is much easier.
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The color of Cedrorana varies from light to golden reddish brown, and its texture varies from fine to coarse. Additionally, Cedrorana tends to be a good insulator, so it generally helps keep houses warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.


More Information
MaterialHardwood Cedrorana
Thickness Metric (millimetre)34
Width Metric (millimetre)830
Height Metric (millimetre)2110
EdgesUnrebated ("stomp")
EnvironmentExterior or interior
TypeDutch door
Panel Type6-Panel


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    We loved the door when we bought it. After placing it the door looked elegant and is still in very good condition.
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    Nice and fancy
    The door is nice and looks very elegant.
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