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Quality exterior doors for improved safety and curb appeal 

The exterior doors that you choose for your home will have a great impact on the general appeal of your house but also its safety. Other than interior doors, they will be exposed to heavy wear and tear from not only the weather but also general usage. It’s therefore important to select a quality door that can keeps you safe for long.  

From wooden entrance doors to patio sliding doors and french doors, homeowners have a wide array of choices when it comes to exterior doors so make sure to choose a door that suits your home and style. Different types of doors require different maintenance and upkeep and knowing the maintenance needed beforehand will have you avoid needing to replace it soon again! 

Why replacing your door? 

There are several reasons for why you might want to replace your exterior door: 

Damaged or old door 

An old or damaged door compromise not only your home’s security but it also reduces the curb appeal and looks of your home. If you have a door that is cracked, warped or rusty, it might be time for a replacement! It’s not only the wear and tear of the door that could make it age prematurely but also the heavy exposure to the weather.  

Improve the look and curb appeal 

In the case of improving the look of your home, especially your front door could have a great impact on the curb appeal. A worn-out damaged door could make your home look the same, old and worn out! Replacing it with a new stylish door together with matching entry lights will give your home a smaller facelift! 

And there are many models and colors to choose between! Lately many homeowners choose to add a pop of color to the entry door to give the house a nice character. 

Improve protection 

A solid exterior door together with a good lock system will provide your family security and make you sleep well at night! 

Patio doors: what are my options?  

Having sliding patio doors connecting the inside of your home with your outside is a great way to maximize your space and functionality. While at the same time maximizing your views and natural light. Unlike hinged traditional doors the sliding doors don’t take up any extra floor space when opened. 

The only issue with installing sliding doors in your home could be that you can’t open them up fully, like with the bifold doors. If you still want the big opening you could solve this issue by having the glass sliding in within the walls, like pocket doors. 

Another maybe more traditional patio door is the french patio doors. The main difference between these and the sliding doors is that they are hinged double doors swinging inwards or outwards. They are a perfect fit if you want a more elaborate design as they come in many different styles of decorative glass/grilles. 

The only drawback with having french doors would be that depending on the design, they can obstruct the view and let less light in. you also need to consider the swing of the door as this might limit the furniture placement etc. 

Deciding on the right door 

When deciding to upgrade your exterior doors, you would need to consider the material most suitable for the situation. This could be quite complicated as a “wood door” isn’t necessarily entirely made out of wood anymore, they could have steel interiors and a fiberglass door can have a wood frame. But the surface material has the greatest impact on the door’s durability, appearance, and cost. 

Wooden doors 

A wooden front door brings charm and elegance to any home entrance. Wooden doors are made from high quality solid wood with a frame and panel construction, making is steady and secure. As there ere many ways of treat wood, stain or paint, you can customize it based on your taste. 

The only downside is that wood is easily affected by weather which makes it high maintenance, you would need to refinish it every few years. They are also best suited for covered entryways as the wood can expand due to rain and climate changes. 

Aluminum doors

Aluminum doors are constructed the same way as steel doors, with an insulation core covered by a metal skin. They have an enamel finish meaning they won’t need to be painted or maintained like the wooden doors. They come in different colors, even the “wood look” finish. It’s always easiest to buy the aluminum door together with its frame as it might be complicated placing it within a wooden frame. 

Fiberglass doors

The new fiberglass doors have become a popular option for exterior doors. They offer durability and easy maintenance as they won’t crack, rust or wrap because of climate changes. They are also popular as they are very energy efficient and provide great insulation because of its foam core. Fiberglass doors comes in a variety of finishes and can be painted to complement any color or décor.