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Steady ladders for ensured work safety

Whether you are painting your home or just changing a lightbulb, ladders are an essential part of your safety measures and can make all chores around the house both easy and safe. Having the proper ladder for the job will ensure that you can reach what’s needed and get the job done with less hassle!

As there are many types of ladders to choose between, you need to make sure to buy the right size to get the job done safe. Using a ladder that is too short or too tall can restrict the work efficiency but also create a safety risk.

When buying your ladder, you should “try before you buy”! Climb it, shift your weight and if the ladder “walks”, tilts or deform in any way this might not be a good ladder for your project as it could create a safety hazard.

Read about the different models and choices below:

The different ladder models

The step ladders

The step ladder is the most common ladder fund in households as it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The a-frame design also makes it easy to fold up and transport. Their height can vary but they are meant for one person to use it at the time. The ladder has stairs on one side while the other side is used as support, this makes it very steady and self-supporting when placed properly on a flat surface.

There are more versions of the step ladder, like the twin step ladder that has steps on both sides meaning it can be used by two people at the same time. Then there are also the podium or platform ladders that has a larger standing platform on top instead of a traditional step.

The extension ladders

Extension ladders are used to reach higher altitudes. Depending on the model, they consist of two to three adjustable parts that can be extended to make the ladder longer, reaching higher. Their length varies and the higher ladder you want, the higher the price as well.

They are usually made from aluminum which makes them lightweight and easy to carry or transport. As they don’t include any support, this ladder has to stand on a solid surface and be leaning against a wall or similar, to create support. These types of ladders are mostly used outside for work that requires higher reach.

The multi position ladders

The multi position ladder, also known as combination ladder or multifold ladder, have many of the features of other ladders, combined in one versatile ladder. Depending on the model, they can be used as a step ladder, a twin step ladder or an extension ladder. Their legs are adjustable and because of this they can be used safely on stairs and on surfaces that are not even or leveled. They can be used indoors or outdoors and can be folded and stored easily.

The attic ladders

Unlike the other ladders that are portable, the attic ladder is to be installed directly in your home. With its unique construction, you can easily fold up and close the ladder door when not in use. It’s an economical solution to your storage needs and helps you make your attic space more accessible and functional.

When buying your attic ladder you need to consider its weight capacity, meaning how much weight it can carry while in use. You can install them using regular tools but as it needs to be places in a stable frame in the ceiling, you would need an extra set of hands for assistance!

Ladder Materials

The different models of ladders also come in different materials, the most popular and common is the aluminum ladder. As aluminum is a lightweight and strong material, it makes it perfect for portable ladders.

Some ladders can be made from wood for a more traditional look, to suit the interior of your home.

You also have the fiberglass ladders that are highly durable and resistant to bending and dents. When dry and clean, they don’t transmit electricity and are perfect for when conducting electrical work or working close to powerlines.