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Fencing for home privacy and increased security

As a homeowner you have many reasons for installing fencing. You might want to keep your pets from escaping, the kids away from the pool or create privacy towards your neighbor’s garden. And depending on the purpose of the fence, you have many available alternatives!


From adding curb appeal to defining your property lines with a security fence, you have many models and materials to choose between! Remember to pick a design that suits not only your home and purpose but also the neighborhood!


Before you consider your options, consider the following points:


Be a good neighbor

Before you go ahead and install your fencing, talk to your neighbor to give him a heads up! If it just appears out of nowhere it could upset some homeowners. And why not plan it together if it’s a shared border? Then everyone will be happy and costs could be shared between the two of you. You can still accessorize your own side with personalized Gates & Accessories.



The first thing you would need to consider is what purpose it would have for your property. These are the four basic categories:


Privacy fence

As a homeowner it’s nice to have a private garden, and if the main purpose is to block sightlines and provide privacy you would need a fully covering panels. You would need to make it around 1.8-2.0m high, depending on the situation and property. If a little visibility is okay, you could decide for a design with some space between the panels or boards.


Security fence

Fencing of any kind can improve a property’s security considerably. With security fencing the main purpose is to keep people out and off your property. It’s therefore important to buy a solid design that is at least 1.8-2m high and with a smooth outer face to make it hard to jump over or climb. You could also decide to have spikes placed on the top of the panel, making it even harder to climb over. To see our collection, visit our Razor, Barbed wire & Spikes page.


Decorative fence

If your goal is to add a structural element to establish property lines you can decide to add a fencing that has more decorative qualities. This will also boost your curb appeal and add value to your home. If the purpose is decorative, you have a big variety of designs available. You can choose one that is only a meter high with spaced pickets or any other kind of ornament that suits the style of your home and creates attractive frame for your property.


Safety fence

To close off a pool area from your young kids or making sure your dog doesn’t run off, safety fencing is a great option to prevent accidents around your property. There are many options for you to choose between but the most popular is a wire type fence like the chain-link that is durable but still provides insight and doesn’t hinder the view.


Decide on the material

Once you know the fence type you would need to decide on the material, this is what will determine the price and maintenance needs.


Wood fence

Wood is one of the most traditional fence materials. Depending on your budget you can decide for more expensive wood or go with the cheaper options. But no matter the wood type, you would need to maintain it with a stain, paint or other wood protective sealant regularly. You have many options when it comes to wood panels, you have models for privacy, safety, security and also decorating so there is an option for each purpose!


Bamboo fence

Bamboo fences are not only functional but also a natural and eco-friendly choice for outdoor spaces. These fences, crafted from bamboo canes, offer both privacy and aesthetics to gardens and yards. They are known for their durability and resistance to weathering, making them a sustainable and low-maintenance fencing option. Beyond their practical use, bamboo fences add a touch of rustic charm and a sense of serenity to outdoor environments, making them a popular choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of nature and design in their landscapes.


Chainlink fence

One of the more economical models is the chainlink fencing. They are flexible and can be adjusted based on the terrain and is ideal for uneven and rough terrain. Another advantage is that it can disappear in the scenery and doesn’t hinder any of the view.

It’s ideal to close off your property for animals but it’s not great for security fencing as it’s easy to cut open the links. If you prefer this cheaper option but you would like parts with some privacy, you can add screening like vertical slats to be woven in the mesh.


Rigid mesh panel fence

This form of Panel Fencing offers higher quality than the chain link fencing as the panels is stronger and provide more safety than the flexible mesh. The panels are to be installed with poles and can be adjusted based on the property shape however, as the planes are rigid, they can’t be adjusted to suit an uneven terrain.


Iron fence

While a classic iron fence can provide security and safety, but be a decorative property line creator, it won’t provide your property with much privacy. 


These days, the iron fencing isn’t actually made from iron, it’s mostly made out of steel or aluminum. And because of the high-end coating, it will have the same look as true iron and need almost no maintenance or upkeep.



An economic and natural option for your property is hedges. They are easy to plant but you would need to wait for them to grow and fully cover the property lines. There are different bushes and plants that can be used for this purpose, and you would need to consider what would suit your property and home!