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Best sun covering for your outside patio

We all enjoy being outside in the sun but with an average temperature of 30 degrees throughout the year it’s important to create an outside space with sun covering when living on Curacao. Not only for providing a fresh and cooling space where you can unwind and relax, but also for your to avoiding dangerous and direct UV-ray exposure. 


While creating a shaded outdoor space has its health benefits it will also add value to your home. And there are many options to choose between, so deciding how you want to use the space is a first step. 


At Kooyman we want you to enjoy your home and we know that by having a well shaded outdoor area, you will appreciate your patio even more with out collection of Sun Shades & Accessories.

Here are some ideas for you to implement sun covering:


Easy to install shade sails

Shade sails are a great way to create a UV protected outdoor space. They are among the most convenient sun-blockers on the market as they are simple to install and very reasonably priced.


The shade sail is essentially a big piece of fabric that needs to be stretched and installed between posts or walls to cover an area of your outdoor space. There are several different sizes and model on the sails and depending on your taste, you can create a modern sleek look or a more rustic feeling.


Portable umbrellas

The umbrella is one of the most popular and well-known ways of creating a shaded space. It’s easy to install, they are reasonably priced, and you can choose between a wide variety of colors and sizes. The umbrellas come in many different styles, and you can choose for a more portable model that you can move to where shade is needed.


But be sure to buy a steady quality umbrella because there I nothing worse than having it blown over by the slightest wind while you are eating.


Build your own pergola

Another popular way of adding shade to outdoor space is by building a pergola. A pergola is a classic wooden structure without a solid roof, instead it has thinner wooden slates where you can add climbing plants or curtains /shade fabric for additional shading. Find our Cannopies, Gazebos & Pergolas here!


But constructing a pergola takes not only time and effort, it’s also more costly that other shading options. It’s a fixed construction that can’t easily be moved so this could be the right choice if you want a more solid shading construction. And if you build for example a carport, close to, or attached to your house, it can add value and compliment the architecture of the building.


Planting for shade

The most ECO friendly and oldest source of shade are trees. Even thou this seems like an easy solution, you might want to spend some time researching the best plant option for your space. And this is not an instant fix and depending on the plant chosen it will take quite some time to grow and establish in your yard.


As mentioned, hanging plants can be a great addition to pergolas to provide shade. You have many different options to choose between so stop by your nearest plant center to get some more inspiration!


Outdoor blinds

While the sun moves through the day, you can find yourself without a shade in the morning or in the late afternoon. This could be avoided by installing vertical outdoor blinds to cover the areas where the sun creeps in.


You can find blinds in many different colors and materials and why not get them custom made for your windows and spaces. It will not only cool your space but also your home and can be a great investment instead of high airco bills!


There are many choices for providing shade to your outside space and you need to decide what suits you best! No matter what you decide to buy or build, Kooyman has the products and materials for the job!

Make sure to make your outdoor space into a small oasis for your family!