Colors of the Caribbean

Shane Eastmond: Barbados

Born in St. Andrew, Jamaica and raised in St. Michael, Barbados with Antiguan ancestry, Shane considers himself the quintessential Caribbean son of the soil. 

His formative education in the visual arts was at the Barbados Community College. There, he crafted a unique style of work using graphite, ink and acrylic paint to create intricate freehand lines and patterns to produce forms.

An award-winning visual artist and acclaimed creative director, Shane has emerged as one of the island’s leading artists. 

Shane was a perfect fit for the Kooyman "Colors of the Caribbean" project, as he is also the Co-Founder of local arts and entertainment company 6PM SPLASH, which has garnered tremendous success in the uplifting of the creative community and providing opportunity for showcase and networking to many practitioners.

His body of work is predominantly inspired by and features the hummingbird, capturing its graceful, fleeting movements and vivid colors. In addition to this, the regality of the lion and lioness are often reflected in his art as well, both elements being recognized as signatures of his pieces. 

Shane also experiments with portraying the human form, incorporating unique textures and colors into his intricate line work to evoke emotions and tell stories often using his favourite colour orange. 

Though in his childhood Shane exhibited an innate passion for sports and was heralded to be his family’s next cricketing talent, following in the footsteps of his Antiguan great grandfather Sir Sydeny Walling, his interest in the visual arts developed and took precedence as he grew older.

Shane has exhibited in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands and been featured at The Queen’s Park Gallery, Caribbean Gallery of Art, and the On the Wall Gallery where he remains in residence.

Shane’s favorite thing about living on Barbados is the sunsets, where he always finds himself fascinated by them, making it his favourite time of day.

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