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Durable tiles for every project

At Kooyman we offer a wide range of tiles for all designs and projects! From stylish wall tiles like the subway tile to a durable ceramic floor tile that can handle a lot of foot traffic.

Use our tiles to create an exciting accent wall in your bathroom or use them to redesign your kitchen by changing the backsplash, giving it a more modern look!

No matter how you decide to use your tiles, there are many great reasons for choosing a tile for your renovation. It’s not only beautiful but also very practical as it can take a lot of wear and tear. Meaning that in the end it will make the upkeep of your home easier.

Selecting the right tile

Installing a tile takes not only time but quite some effort, and it won’t be something you would do too often. It's therefore important that you select the right tile from the beginning, so your investment won’t be a waste! The major decision you need to make is deciding the right material for your tile:


Ceramic or Porcelain

When selecting a floor tile, it's recommended to select a tile that can handle major wear and tear. Both ceramic and porcelain are great options as they are extremely durable. They are often mistaken for the same material as both are made from clay, but there is a slight difference in their character; porcelain tiles absorb less water and is therefore slightly more water resistant. At the same time, you find ceramic tiles in a wider range of colors and sizes.

Remember that for your own safety, select a tile that won’t get too slippery when wet. Specially for bathrooms and wet areas!

Natural Stone

Different kind of cut stone, such as travertine, marble, quartz and slate are included in the natural stone category.

With their unique colors and look, they are very popular for accent walls and backsplashes to make a statement.

They are also very durable and great choice for outside patios as they don’t absorb heat as quickly as other materials. They are also a great choice for indoor use as they stay cool, are easy to clean and hypoallergenic as they are free from toxic emissions


Glass tile

When installing a glass tile, it will brighten the room with its reflective surface and open up your space. It will also give a great color effect as the glass highlights the color more intensely compared to other materials.


The right style

Our range of tiles come in many shapes and sizes. It's therefore up to you as the customer to decide which model to select, based on your taste and preferences! Also the choice of grout will change the style and look of the tile.


Using Mosaic & Listellos Tiles for the bathroom and kitchen is a popular choice, but lately new tile models has grown in popularity, replacing the mosaic tile. New tile patterns or shapes such as herringbone, chevron or hexagon can give your space that modern and contemporary feel.


But remember, a floor tile can be used as a wall tile but a wall tile can most of the times not be as a floor tile. This mostly because they are more fragile and wear and tear sensitive.

At Kooyman we also offer all the tools and supplies needed for you to finish your tiling project successfully! So have a look at our tile assortment today and find a tile suited for your next project.

And when buying your tiles, consider a spill quote of 10-15% during cutting. The larger the tiles, also the larger the spill!