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Powertools for demanding construction projects

Using tools within the category outdoor power equipment when working on your projects will have you finish the job both faster and with less effort. You can decide for heavy duty stationary tools that can be of great value for bigger projects or for portable cordless tools that provides great flexibility!

Power tools are equipment that is proven very useful for when you need more power or efficiency than with manual tools or labor. Because of their features and versatility, they are commonly used at home, on construction sites and across different industries.

Outdoor power equipment can be classified in two main groups, stationary and portable power tools:

Portable or stationary power tools?

Portable power tools

Portable power tools are versatile tools that are small and light, for user friendliness and better flexibility. They can save you time and effort as you can do the job on site where needed. These power tools you have in corded or battery powered versions.

Stationary power tools

Stationary power tools are known as benchtop or table mounted tools and can provide both great precision and power. They are most often used for jobs that require more accuracy or capacity that normal handheld tools.

Cordless or corded power tools?

Cordless power tools or battery power tools, are a great choice for when you need optimal flexibility. You can easily use them in hard to reach spots as you are not dependent on a power outlet. Instead you are dependent on a battery, making the device normally not as powerful as the corded versions. You also have limited battery with cordless powertools time so this should be taken into consideration!

The corded powertools offer higher performance as they are directly connected to a power source. They are flexible but not as flexible as their battery powered versions and as you don’t need a heavy battery, some models might even be lighter.

Power equipment categories

Power equipment is a very wide category including power tools used for many different applications in workshops, on construction sites and for home projects.

They are therefore categorized further based on their usage:


Plate joiners or biscuit joiners are specialized saws used to connect or join wood pieces together. The joiner is placed against the sides that are to be joined and cuts a round hole/kerf for where a joining biscuit is to be glued in place and connect the two wood pieces. 


Drills come in portable and stationary models, depending on the project you might need both!

The major benefit of the hand held power drill is that you can use it wherever and for many different purposes. With the right accessories, they can fasten bolts, drive screws, and drill holes in a range of materials, from wood to masonry.

The hammer drill provides great power when you want to drill in harder materials, such as concrete and masonry. While the drill rotates, it provides a hammering action, chipping the drill deeper through the hole.


At one point in your project you would need a saw, and with a electric saw you can get better precision with less work.

Used by both professionals and DIYers, the circular saw can provide clean cuts in many materials, such as woods, metals, cement block, brick, fiberglass, plastics and slate.

The compound saw is a big and more stationary version of the circle saw. It can repeat cuts at great precision and it allows cuts on wider boards. This tool is very useful for bigger projects where you would need to do a lot of cutting work.

With a jigsaw you can cut intricate details in a wide range of materials, depending on which blade that you are using. It’s easy to use and a popular tool for different woodworking tasks.

Electric screwdrivers

The electric screwdriver is a great multipurpose tool to have in your toolkit. They are lightweight, user friendly and can you with many tasks around the home or during construction. The key to great usability is to have a wide range of screw heads and attachments, you can even do some light drilling if wanted!

Electrical hammers

You have a range of electric hammers for your heavy duty tasks. The rotary hammers are mostly used for drilling holes in concrete and are more powerful than the regular hammer drill. The demolition hammer is sturdy, strong and used for demolition projects


The bench grinder is a tool that is attached to the bench and used for different purposes. Based on the wheel that is attached, it can be used for grinding and sharpening tools or other objects.

A straight grinder is a versatile portable handheld tool that depending on its attachment can be used for cutting , polishing, sanding and much more. The larger model, the angle grinder is a more powerful tool but with just as many different applications. It has a disc on an angle that can be changed depending on what you would need it for!

Sanders & planers

Sanders are used together with sandpaper to sand surfaces. The palm sander, orbit sander and belt sander all have the same purpose but they way they are sanding are slightly different. The planers have a similar purpose, to make the surface flat but they use a large blade instead to cut away at a certain depth in the wood.


A router is a great handheld power tool used for different woodworking applications like building furniture, adding finishing touches and more. The plunge router is a versatile tool that you can use to get deep routing in wood for construction or decoration purposes.

Impact wrenches

The impact wrench is a powerful tool used for tightening and loosening bolts, nuts but also rusty fasteners. It provides such a great force in its rotation, that regular drills can’t live up to.

Heat guns

By heating air inside of its body, the heat gun can reach temperatures over 500 degrees (depending on the model). They are used for heating and stripping paint, heating and forming plastic, drying damp materials and heating vinyl.