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Curtains to provide privacy and home comfort

Curtains can have different functions around your home, they can block light, provide privacy and work as insulation against noise. They are also decorative and can add a warm atmosphere and look to your home. You have a wide range of options when it comes to style, color, and fabric so you will find one perfect for your home!


When designing your home, adding window treatments for functionality but also decoration should be a point on your list! It not only makes your home homey, but it also adds function to your room as the different models have different benefits.

You can decide for a sheer designs that lets in a lot of light for areas of your home where you wish for more light and light blocking curtains for areas where you want to keep the light out.

With so many colors and patterns to choose between, no worries! We have put together some basic information for you to consider.

Know what you are looking for

When you start the process of looking for curtains, you first need to determine what purpose they would be filling. As there are a wide array of different models and products and it could become overwhelming.

Will you use it for light control, for privacy, for energy efficiency, UV protection, glare control or just for aesthetics and decoration?

Sheer curtains

The sheer model lets the most light in, it diffuses the light and during the day it gives you very basic privacy. They are lightly woven and lets the air through which can be nice for when having the window open.

Light filtering curtains

This model lets in a medium amount of light, cutting down the incoming light with around 30-50%. Their material will be slightly denser that the sheer models and provides a reasonable amount of privacy during the day but don’t do well at night when the room is backlit.

Darkening curtains

The darkening curtains are made of a more solid and closely woven fabric that lets very little light through. These are perfect for rooms where you want more privacy in the evenings but you don’t need the blackout effect. They can also have a cooling effect during the day as they can keep out more light and heat than other lighter designs.

Blackout curtains

The blackout curtain, also called thermal curtain, is made of thick heavily woven fabric on the front end and in the back, against the window it has a lining layer or white fabric from a cotton polyester blend. This plastic fabric layer helps reflect light and heat back out through the window keeping the room much darker and cooler. As light and noise can interfere with your sleep pattern, they are ideal for bedrooms and nurseries but also for movie rooms.

The curtain header style

How the curtain is attached to its rod also has an impact on the looks and functionality.

Eyelet curtains

Curtains with eyelets hang in a wide even fold and works well with heavier thicker fabrics. Metal rings are added into the fabric providing the holes for the curtain rod to slide through. The effect of this model is a consistent waved effect where it's easy to adjust.

Pencil pleat curtains

The pencil pleat models have many smaller folds sawn together, creating a neatly pleated row. They are hung on the rod through attached plastic or metal hooks. This provides a more charming and classic look.

Tab top curtains

The tab top models have a header of evenly spaces fabric loops through which the rod is threaded. They have a more modern and sleeker look and are better suited for sheer and light models.

Whatever look you want to achieve with your window treatments, make sure it serves it purpose for you to truly enjoy your room and home! You can also compliment your curtains by adding blinds or an additional layer of for better functionality.