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Solid interior doors for busy homes

Just like exterior doors, interior doors come in many different designs and styles and can have a great impact on your home’s aesthetics. And because your doors will be highly visible and hardworking, they deserve thoughtful consideration when buying new ones. When buying the right door it will add character to your home, withstand the wear and tear of daily usage but also minimize sound transfer between the rooms.

Interior doors come in many designs and models to suite any home style. You have the shaker doors with a simple streamlined look, embodying a contemporary design but also barn doors that gives your home a more rustic feel. You can also decide to buy a plain door untreated door without any finish and paint it yourself, in the color of your choice.

With all these choices we wanted to give you some basic information that could guide your choice:  

Hinged doors

The hinged door is the standard model door that most of homes uses. Conventional hinged doors are either left or right-handed, meaning they swing open to the right or the left. They are connected through normally two, sometimes three hinges to the doorframe and come in many different styles and finishes.

When buying a hinged door, you would need to decide between a slab door vs a pre-hung door. When buying a slab door, you are buying only the door itself to be place in an already existing doorframe. They are convenient and easy to install but you might need to adjust the size to the door opening, as they usually come in one standard size.

This door makes it easy to update your interior as they come in many different designs and finishes, you can even decide on painting it yourself! You would also need to decide on the hardware based on your preferences.

You can also decide to buy a pre-hung door, but as these come with the door frames the installation is more complicated as you would need to replace your current door frame. Normally pre-hung door frames are used for new construction projects or renovations where a doorframe is also needed.  


Interior barn doors have become a popular design element in many homes. Working as a sliding door, the door is hung on a rail with special hardware. They are not only pretty, they are also very convenient as they don’t take up much swing room as they slide along the wall, opening up. But at the same time, you need space on the side for the door to slide open.

They can be used to separate rooms but also for kitchen cupboards and closets. They come in many different styles and can be incorporates in modern but also rustic designs.

French doors

French doors are normally double doors with glass panels, giving it a certain look but also letting light come through. They are a great option for when you want a more classic look adding them as a design element to divide the rooms. They are most used as patio doors but can be used inside as well so separate dining rooms and living rooms, if the space allow it!

Folding doors

Folding doors come in many different sizes and are therefore perfectly suited for where a conventional door’s swing would be restricted. They fold up like an accordion, saving space and is commonly used for closet doors.

Choose the hardware carefully!

To top off your door choice, make sure to select the right style of door parts & accessories like hinges, handles, and locks to suit your home style. Always try to harmonize the hardware for your new door with other hardware elements around your home.