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The best Air Conditioners to beat the heat! 

To improve your home comfort on a warm day, Kooyman offers eco-friendly air conditioners for all rooms and sizes.  

Split airco units are the most frequently used in Curacao homes. This unit consists of two parts: one indoor wall mounted unit and one wall mounted outdoor unit (the compressor). This type of airco is therefore fixed to one spot and is suitable for covering larger surfaces. 

But a split air conditioner doesn’t only cool your space, it also ventilates and dehumidifies it through its outside unit.  

Not sure which air conditioner to buy? 

The most important point to consider when buying your airco is to buy a suitable size for your room. This will not only provide comfort but also save you money by avoiding high electricity bills and unnecessary repairs. 

BTU calculation 

To calculate the size/performance needed to cool your room, you do the following: 

L (room length in m) * W (room width in m) 

This number you take times (*) 750BTU and you will get the required size needed. 

Example: Room is 5m long and 4m wide= 5*4*750BTU= 15,000BTU 

The units come in the sizes 9,000BTU, 12,000BTU, 18,000BTU and 24,000BTU. 

Based on your calculated requirements, you should choose a unit by rounding up the size. Example: Your required size is 15,000BTU, then choose the 18,000BTU unit. 

By doing this, it allows for appropriate cooling of the room as a too small unit would need to work harder to cool a room that is too big for its capacity. By doing so, it will use more electricity and the risk for breakage and  malfunction is higher.  

Inverter or not? 

An air conditioner maintains the room temperature by cooling when temperature rises above the set temperature. 

The compressor in a conventional air conditioner can either be turned on with full speed or off and it switched in between to keep the room temperature. The unit is normally cheaper to buy but is not as energy efficient so the cost of running it will be higher.  

The compressor on an inverter airco can vary its speed, meaning that instead of switching on/off, it slows down or increases it to keep the temperature. This saves electricity as the compressor uses more power to start up. 

This means that the cost of using an inverter airco will be lower but at the same time, they are  20-25 % more expensive than a conventional one. So the initial investment will be higher but if you are planning to use it for longer periods of time it will turn out cheaper in the long run based on the low electricity usage.  

The key is to keep it running! Meaning, instead of turning it on/off through the day, it’s better to keep it running! Read more about our air-conditioning advice here. 

Airco installation 

When installing the indoor unit, it should be placed at a spot where the airflow is not constrained by things like furniture. The outdoor unit should be placed on a wall that does not get too harsh sunlight nor heavy rain or wind.  

It is also important to have your unit installed properly by a professional to avoid any future issues. Kooyman doesn’t offer installation services but we work with professionals (installation page link) that do! 

Review Kooyman's assortment of eco-friendly aircos and get the unit needed to keep your home cool!