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Mailboxes for added functionality and curb appeal

Buying a mailbox doesn’t seem like a big deal but let’s face it, we want it to be functional and then not needing to worry about any maintenance. It’s therefor important to buy a mailbox that can handle the wear and tear of the weather where you live and at the same time provide functionality for your home.

We tend to focus so much on our homes interior that the exterior easily gets forgotten. Your home’s curb appeal is important for the looks of your home but also for its value. Your mailbox is an important part of the curb appeal and choosing one that will add style and functionality is therefore important.

But like with many other products, there are a wide range of options for you to choose between. So when buying your mailbox, consider the following:

The most popular mailbox models

The wall mounted mailbox

The wall mounted mailbox model is designed to be mounted on walls, doors or other flat surfaces. For convenience, they are normally installed next to your front door or sometimes even on it. They are available in locking and non-locking models depending on preference.

Some models even come with separate newspaper hooks on the bottom for your newspaper deliveries.

The post mounted mailbox

The post mounted mailbox is a freestanding mailbox that is mounted on a post, usually located by the curb or at the end of a property’s driveway. These models come in a wide range of designs and can add character to your home and improve its curb appeal.

This is a popular model across neighborhoods and they also contribute to faster post-delivery as the mailman can deliver the mail without needing to leave the car.

The mail slots

The mail slot, it’s a great option if you live in an apartment or just don’t have the space for a freestanding mailbox. This model can be installed directly in the front door itself or you can decide to buy a new door where the mail slot is already installed.

The in-wall mailbox that can be installed in the wall next to the front door. The model is almost the same as the mail slot but come in various sizes that can be used for when packages are delivered.

Improve the curb appeal and functionality

If you want to improve your curb appeal, then it’s important to choose the right style and design for your mailbox. Having a unique mailbox can also set your home apart and maybe even improve the resell value of your home.

If you can’t find the mailbox in the right color, then it’s possible to paint some materials in your preferred color, possibly the same as the front door.

For functionality purposes, many people add their street number on the mailbox for making sure the right mail is delivered. And if you live in an apartment complex it could be wise to even mentioning your last name with letters on the mailbox, to help the mailman a little extra.

Mailbox materials

Mailboxes come in a wide array of styles but also different materials that accommodates different kind of weather conditions. Where your mailbox is placed and how exposed it is to the elements should decide the material chosen.

A mailbox made of galvanized steel is an economical option, with a zinc coated surface it can resist rust and moisture for a longer time, except for salt water! But if you buy a model with a powder-coated finish, it will minimize that affect!

The aluminum mailboxes are strong, durable and lightweight. They can be a little more expensive than other materials and are prone to rust in rainy climates of not treated with a powder coating.

The stainless-steel mailboxes are durable and heavy, giving your home a nice modern feel. They can handle the elements well and rusts at a much slower rate than other materials. They are a good option for oceanfront properties but chlorine can compromise its coating leading to rust, so it is not recommended placing it near to a pool. For it to last even longer you can select a model with an added powder coat.

When buying a plastic mailbox, they by nature rust resistant and optimal for moist climates. Many homeowners prefer this material as it’s easy to maintain but with hot weather and UV exposure, their color can fade and overtime the plastic can crack.

Mailbox security lock

Buying a mailbox with a security lock will add a level of privacy and security when receiving your mail and packages. You will have increased privacy as your mail will not be visible for neighbors or other praying eyes but also a first level of security for crimes such as identity or credit card fraud.