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A lush lawn for every homeowner

What homeowner doesn’t dream of a lush, well-maintained lawn?  It provides the perfect scenery for enjoying your outdoor space. 

Before starting to mow your lawn, make sure you have the needed security measures, such as Gloves and Boots, for preventing injuries.

But to maintain a healthy lawn you need to take the lawn care seriously! You would need to regularly clean it from weeds, water and cut it for optimal growth and health. So keep the essential Hand Tools and Garden tools at hand for successful gardening! Before you start mowing, make sure your lawn is clean, so the lawnmower doesn’t get stuck. To do so, use one of our Leaf Blowers to make sure that your lawn is ready to be mowed.


Lawn mower & accessories

Having a lush green lawn can be the dream of many homeowners and to maintain it properly a lawnmower is required. The number one tip of maintaining your lawn is to regularly cut it to keep it healthy. 


When investing in a lawnmower you have several choices, you can decide to buy a push lawn mower or a self-propelled lawn mower. The difference between the two is quite big as the push lawnmower you would need to push around, meaning you provide the power and mobility. 


The self-propelled lawnmower uses its engine to drive the mower, meaning you would only need to adjust the speed and steer it. This model is better suited for larger lawns and for extremely big lawns you can also opt in for a riding mower. 


The push lawnmowers are available in electric and gas models. The electric models come in corded, and battery driven versions and they are more quiet and eco-friendlier than the gas models. They also require less maintenance, but the corded models are restricted by the power cord and the cordless needs to be regularly charged for it to operate optimally.


Gas push mowers provide just as much power as a high-end electric mower, without the power cord limitations or needing to charge the battery midway. They also last long and with proper maintenance they can last between 10-20 years. 


For when buying your lawn mower, bigger isn’t always better. Depending on your yard layout, the obstructions and landscaping, you could benefit from a mower with a smaller footprint to reach the lawn in more difficult places. 


There are manual lawn mowers available on the market as well and these don’t use any power, except the power that the handler provides! The reel mower as it’s also called, is a version of a push-mower where the movement of the mower sets rotating knives in motion, cutting the grass. Eco-friendly and quiet, they are better suited for smaller lawns as they require a lot of manpower to operate