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Coolers for a day on the beach

With their efficient insulation, todays coolers can keep food and drinks cold for a great amount of time. Coolers are essential for your outdoor adventures and you have plenty of sizes and models to choose between.

While the coolers insulation layer acts like a strong block against the outside temperature, the ice added inside keeps the content chilled. The insulation also slows down the heat transfer within the cooler. But this only works when the lid is closed so each time it’s opened and warm air enters, the temperature will rise at a faster rate.

The different cooler types

The hard-sided cooler

The hard-sided models are a popular model for outdoor enthusiasts that what improved ice retention and durability. Compared to the soft-sided model, this model comes in more sizes and options to suit any activity. With improved ice retention, it tend to keep your food and drinks cold for longer.

The soft-sided cooler

The soft-sided cooler is normally made from vinyl or polyester fabrics making them versatile. With its soft construction, the model can collapse into folding flat, taking up minimal storage space. They are lightweight and budget friendly coolers that are best suited for shorter trips and picnics as they don’t tend to keep the content cold for too long. For best insulation and cooling capabilities, invest in a model that has thicker insulated walls and an thermal efficient zipper for better cooling efficiency.

Cooler models

The picnic cooler

This picnic cooler is available in both soft-sided and hard-sided models. They are normally smaller in size and are easy to carry. Because of this, their cooling capacity is not optimal and can only cool its content for a shorter time, compared to bigger and better insulated models.  

The ice chest cooler

This model is a larger cool box and is normally used as a stationary cooler that doesn’t need to be moved around too much, because of its size and weight when loaded. They have great cooling capacity and are best suited for camping trips or BBQs here you need to have a lot of products cooled for a longer period of time.

The patio cooler

This more stationary model is the largest model available. They are meant for having on patios and to remain outside as an addition to your outside kitchen. With its high legs, it’s easy to use and reach inside. This model is usually deigned with aesthetics in mind as they could be a part of the outside furniture arrangement.

The chair cooler

This model normally comes as a hard-sided model and is designed for not only cooling but also for providing seating, and sometimes also a cup holder. With a hard top lid and solid construction, it can be used as chair as it can support the weight of a person. You also have soft-sided versions, they are like camp chairs with a steel frame for seating support. This is a very popular model for picknicks and afternoons on the beach.

Must have features

Cooler on wheels

If you prefer a bigger model to fit a larger number of products, it is wise to buy a model that has wheels, for you to easy move it from the car to the right spot.

The bigger the cooler, the more use you will have of the wheels as the weight will increase with the size.

Shoulder strap

If you want to be more mobile, buying a smaller model with a shoulder strap could then be way to go. You can decide on one strap or two, and then carry it like a backpack if you for example go hiking.

Drain included

For added convenience when buying a bigger and hard-sided cool box, choose a model with a drain. With this drain you can easily empty it of water when you still have items in it or in instances when it’s just not possible to tip it over.


Tips for optimal cooler use

1. When possible, keep your cooler out of the sun and your ice will last twice as long.

2. Only open the cool box when necessary and don’t drain out the melted water as it will help keeping the content cool.

3. Pack your chiller in chronological order, meaning the food and drinks that will be consumed first or often on top and keep the meat and dairy directly on ice.

4. As cold air travels down, make sure to add your ice cubes or icepacks last. Crushed ice cools your content faster but ice blocks last longer!

5. When possible, pre chill your food before placing it in your cooler, as this will save on the cooling power and your ice will last longer this way.