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Must have pool supplies and maintenance tips

Got yourself a pool? That’s great! But do you know what pool supplies you need to keep it in good shape?

It's difficult to maintain your pool well if you don’t have the right tools for the job! And to save yourself money and hassle, make sure you know what pool supplies are really needed and what is “extra” to be able to maintain your pool like a pro!

Kooyman is here to provide you with the right tools for you to enjoy your pool!

We are all different and have our own preferences, so over time you will find out which supplies suits your specific needs best. But we have put together a general list of supplies that is good as a starting point for you to maintain your pool like a pro:

Invest in a water testing kit

The secret to a well-maintained pool is testing the water. And you should test your pool water regularly to be able to adjust the chemicals based on the water needs and to keep the levels balanced. As adding chemicals just randomly could be dangerous and cause problems with your pool.

A water testing kit is easy to use, accurate and covers all the levels you need to keep track of; free chlorine, total chlorine (bromine if used instead of chlorine), total hardness, total alkalinity, pH and cyanuric acid.

You can decide between simple test strips or liquid testing kits for testing your water sample.

And remember, the longer you neglect your pool maintenance, the longer it will take to get the water chemistry back to normal levels.

Water balancing chemicals

A "balanced pool" means keeping the five basic water components (alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, stabilizer, and total dissolved solids) within their recommended levels. This lets the sanitizer work effectively. You can use increasers or decreases for each element. For example, to lower alkalinity, add muriatic acid. To raise it, add an alkalinity increaser or baking soda.

The pool sanitizer aka Chlorine

The most popular and used sanitizer in pools across the world is chlorine and it’s hands down the most effective one on the market. The chlorine comes in many forms, powder, liquid but the most used is in tablet form. If you have a saltwater pool, you in the end have a chlorine water pool as the saltwater generator turns the salt into chlorine.

The pool sanitizer is one of the chemicals used to help killing bacteria, algae, and other biological threats that can develop in your pool.  You have other sanitizers like bromine, hydrogen peroxide etc. and it’s possible to change your sanitizer but most people prefer chlorine.

Shock your pool

A pool shouldn’t smell! A pool that smells is usually low on sanitizer and it’s not working properly.

A way to get the sanitizer back to its recommended level is to shock the pool. It is also recommended to shock the pool if there has been some major incidents, like a rainstorm or it’s infested with algae. The pool shock is essentially a more powerful version of the pool sanitizer and you have it in chlorinated and non-chlorinated versions.

Generally, the more you use your pool, the more often you need to shock it to keep the appropriate sanitizer level.

Vacuum your pool regularly

Even the pool needs to be vacuumed as it makes it easy to clean away dirt and debris accumulated on the pool bottom. The pool vacuum is easily connected to the pool system and no electricity is needed.

And when you vacuum, go slow as otherwise you will stir up the dirt from the ground and then it will be harder to clean it out.

The versatile telescopic pole

This versatile tool can be used with several interchangeable heads, this means you can use it for your vacuum, pool brush or leaf net/skimmer. As it’s possible to adjust the length of the pole, you can easily use it to your needs and reach.

The brush comes in different models and remember not to use a stainless-steel brush for your vinyl or fiberglass pool as it can damage it! Use a nylon bristle brush instead.

Fun to have

Having a pool thermometer might not add any important value to your pool maintenance but it is great knowing the water temperature, so you share it while taking a dip!

Feeling a little too lazy to clean your pool? Don’t worry, you can invest in an automatic pool cleaner. A robotic cleaner can save you both time and effort while keeping your pool clean. But it has its price, these automatic cleaners are quite pricy but could be a great investment to add to your pool supplies!