Colors of the Caribbean

Paul Wong : Aruba

Living on the tranquil island of Aruba provides Paul with an idyllic backdrop for his artistic pursuits. He enjoys the relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, the island's great vibes, vibrant colors, and the consistently sunny and beautiful climate of the island, which is a continuous source of inspiration for him.

His favorite colors, including bright hues like yellows, oranges, reds, purples, and magentas, play a prominent role in his projects, infusing them with energy and vibrancy.

Recently, Paul joined Kooyman on the 'Colors of the Caribbean' project, painting a mural in a playroom at Casa Cuna, which serves as a home for children aged 0 to 8 years who are temporarily unable to reside in their homes due to issues like neglect, sexual abuse, or physical abuse. 

Paul's mural came from the children, featuring vibrant colors and cartoon-style animals. His purpose was to bring more color into their lives and more smiles to their faces. Paul feels deeply honored to have had the chance to contribute to the happiness of these children.

Paul, born in 1971 in Aruba, discovered his passion for drawing and painting at a young age. His journey as an artist took shape when he decided to pursue formal art education in the United States at 'The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale'. This career provided him with the tools, techniques, and artistic foundation necessary to evolve as an artist.

Upon completing his studies and graduating, Paul returned to his native Aruba, where he embarked on his artistic journey. Initially, he focused on painting images of Aruba on various products, including t-shirts, allowing others to share in his appreciation for the island's beauty. Over time, his artistic interests evolved, leading him towards creating cartoon-like characters and exploring the "hyper-realistic" style.

Paul's artistic repertoire primarily centers around nature and animals, often incorporating them into his compositions. However, he also finds joy in painting portraits, showcasing his versatility as an artist. In his daily work, Paul has the opportunity to express his artistic vision by custom painting and airbrushing bikes and cars, turning them into unique pieces of art.

Paul's ideal project would involve a large, colorful mural that conveys a powerful and meaningful message.

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