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Empower Your Projects with High-Quality Hand Tools: Your Ultimate Tool Source  

Every project begins with the right tools – and in your toolbox, essentials are the foundation of success.
At Kooyman we're your go-to source for hand-picked, must-have hand tools that ensure you're prepared for any task that comes your way.
Discover the essential tools that transform your toolbox into a powerhouse of capability and efficiency. 

Precision Meets Power

From simple fixes to intricate assemblies, a reliable set of screwdrivers is non-negotiable.
Our range offers a variety of sizes and types, guaranteeing you the perfect fit for every screw head.
Crafted for both durability and precision, our screwdrivers are designed to turn effortlessly, making your tasks quicker and hassle-free. 

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Accurate measurements are the backbone of successful projects.
Our measuring tapes offer clear markings, durable casings, and reliable locking mechanisms.
Whether you're working on carpentry, renovations, or DIY tasks, our measuring tapes ensure your precision is unmatched. 

Versatility in Every Turn

Adaptability is key, and adjustable wrenches are your solution for a multitude of nuts and bolts.
Our selection boasts ergonomic grips and smooth adjustments, ensuring a snug fit on various fasteners.
With these wrenches in your arsenal, you're ready to tackle plumbing, mechanical, and DIY projects with ease. 

Unleash Your Inner Craftsman

Whether it's framing or delicate woodwork, hammers are the heartbeat of any toolbox.
Our range includes hammers designed for specific tasks, from claw hammers for removing nails to ball peen hammers for metal shaping.
Crafted with balanced weight distribution, our hammers deliver precision strikes every time. 

Cutting-Edge Excellence

Precision cutting is an art, and utility knives are your brushes.
Our utility knives offer replaceable blades and ergonomic grips, ensuring both safety and precision in your cuts.
From opening packages to detailed crafting, these knives are your ticket to effortless accuracy. 

The Versatile Pliers

Pliers are the workhorse of any toolbox, gripping, bending, and manipulating materials with finesse.
Our selection covers various types, including long-nose, slip-joint, and locking pliers.
With ergonomic designs and reliable construction, our pliers give you the upper hand in various tasks. 

Get a Grip

When it comes to tackling pipes and fittings, adjustable pliers are your best friend.
Our range features precision jaws, slip-resistant handles, and quick adjustments, making them indispensable for plumbing and mechanical work.
With these pliers in hand, you're always in control. 

Useful tips:

Organize your tools with a toolbox 
Now when you have your essential toolkit put together, don’t forget to invest in all appropriate tools, power tools, power tools accessories and adequate tool storage .

Consider safety and wear safety gear 
We are all about safety and while working on your projects, big or small, we always recommend you to use the necessary workwear and safety gear. It can be as easy as wearing gloves or putting on a pair of safety glasses and you can avoid the risk of getting hurt! 

Remember, with successful projects it all comes down to good preparation and having the right hand tools at your disposal!