7 tips for a small bathroom

One of the most important rooms in your home is the bathroom. When your bathroom is on the small side, it can feel a bit cramped and uncomfortable. But there is Hope! Do you have a small bathroom and would you like to make it feel and appear bigger? Here are some handy tips to create a more spacious bathroom.

Tip 1: Use large tiles

The most important tip is: do not use small tiles in a small bathroom. This makes the bathroom seem smaller and this is of course not the intention. Try using 30 centimeters sized tiles and up. This makes the room feel calmer and your bathroom will appear to be larger.

Tip 2: Choose the right bathroom furniture for a small bathroom

Choosing the right bathroom furniture can provide a well-organized bathroom. For this reason, be sure to choose bathroom furniture that may be shallow and long. Make sure that the bathroom furniture is between 38 centimeters and 45 centimeters deep.

Tip 3: Create transparency

It is logical that you would want privacy when you are showering. However, this has a big disadvantage when you have a small bathroom. If you have closed shower cubicles, partition walls or opaque shower curtains, your bathroom will look and feel small. Therefore choose a transparent shower enclosure or shower curtain.

Tip 4: Use light colors in small bathrooms

Light colors are not only fresh and stylish but also aid with the appearance of more space. Especially with the usage of natural daylight you can create more space. Unfortunately, not all bathrooms have windows or large windows to let the light shine in. So if you want to make your bathroom look bigger, opt for light colored tiles and light colored furniture.

Tip 5: Use the correct mirror

The bigger your mirror, the larger your bathroom will appear. If you really want to create a lot of space, you can opt for a mirror from the ceiling to floor. A square mirror creates a clean look and a round mirror provides a playful effect.

Tip 6: Keep it calm

Keeping the bathroom clutter-free and organized is very important, to maximize available space. The less junk in sight, the fresher and more luxurious your bathroom will seem. Therefore, try to store your belongings in cupboards and opt for a closed laundry basket.

Tip 7: Proper use of floor tiles

Floor tiles are also very important for setting up a small bathroom. Do you have a narrow bathroom? Then lay the tile in breadth. Do you have a shallow but wide bathroom? Then lay the tile in the length for a spatial effect.

Now those are all the tips we have put together, so that you may start (re)designing your soon to be spacious bathroom. Good luck!