DIY Concrete Side table

Super easy to make and hopefully it’s going to take pride of place in your room as a set of side tables.

You will need:

5 quartz bucket 

2 Liter of Rockite cement

Lumber 2 X 2  (cut into 30cm lengths)

Painters Tape

Water to mix with and a stirrer


Any color of paint you want

How to make a Concrete side table

1. Gather your materials.

3. We used the measurement on the bucket to make sure we had 2 liters of Rockite cement.

4. Then mix the concrete with water to a batter consistency.

5. Once you are ready mixing give it (the bucket) a few good taps to get the air bubbles out.

6. Then push the lumbers into the center to form a triangle shape and lean the legs on the side of the bucket. Use the painter’s tape to hold the lumber in place.

7. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes.

8. Then gently flip over and remove the bucket.

9.  Using painters tape to mark off the same height around the legs, paint and once dry remove the painters tape and you are done. Don’t forget to sand the legs first!

Let this dry for a few more days, (you can see the concrete change color as the days pass).