Is your bathroom faucet beginning to look quite dirty with brown and white stains? Or is the pressure in your kitchen fixture running lower than usual? Then it’s about time you whipped out the gloves and sponges. We’ll show you how to clean faucets, whether in your kitchen or bathroom. In a few minutes, you’ll be ready to take on the grime.

Step 1: Prepare The Solution

Prepare a dish soap solution by mixing 1–2 tablespoons of soap with 2 cups of warm water in a bowl. Mix it vigorously to create some foam.

Avoid using hard chemicals containing bleach, ammonia or alcohol — these can ruin the finish.

Step 2: Wash The Faucet

Grab a regular washrag and soak it in the solution. Begin to scrub the fixture using circular motions — soak the rag in the soapy mix after a few scrubs.

Go over the neck, handles and near the base a couple of times to be thorough. You don’t have to use excessive force, just enough to remove present grime.

Step 3: Clean Grimy Areas

Get a small dish or plate and place a couple of tablespoons of baking soda in it.

Mix it with some water to create a paste. Add water little by little to avoid over-diluting it.

Take an old toothbrush, scoop up some of the mixture, and clean the grimy parts. This is usually around the base where dirt tends to build up. Use a gentle motion, so you don’t damage the finish.

Step 4: Clear Out Small Cracks and Crevices

If there are no small crevices on your faucet, skip this step. If there are, grab some dental floss.

Use approximately 12 inches and place it in any space where you couldn’t reach. Use an up and down motion, much like flossing your teeth. You should soon see grime stuck on the string.

Step 5: Rinse With Cold Water

Fill a bowl with clean, cold water and grab a new cloth. Dampen it in the water and proceed to rinse the faucet. Continue until soap residue, grime, and gunk are gone.

Step 6: Dry The Faucet

Take a clean, dry microfiber cloth and wipe off the faucet to dry it. Drying after cleaning will help to polish it and give some shine. This ensures that all the water spots are gone.

Simply pat it gently back and forth until all the water is gone and it’s completely dry. Step back and admire your fresh new fixture.