DIY Modern Bathroom organizer

In a small bathroom, storage is pretty tight and often times there isn’t a simple solution (especially one that actually looks good). So, to save on floor space, we go here with a vertical modern DIY bathroom organizer that you can hang on the wall.

Materials for DIY Bathroom Organizer

-       plywood of 12mm -> backboard 54 X 40 cm

-       simple wood tray -> two side pieces of 25 X 8 cm, two side pieces of 12 X 8 cm and one bottom piece of  22.8X 12.3 cm

-       mirror

-       leather strips or hooks

-       wood glue

-       screws

-       power drill

-       ruler or tape measure

-       pencil (for marking)


 Start by deciding where you want to place the tray / shelf and mirror in relation to the backboard and mark those areas off with a pencil.

Next, starting with the tray (which will be your shelf) by gluing the two sides (12 X 8 cm) and one of sides (25 X 8 cm) to the bottom piece. Leave it to dry for a couple of minutes. Place the shelf on the marks you made in step 1 and  screw 2 points in the side of 25 X 8 cm attaching it to the backboard.  Then, glue the last piece of the long side to form the tray.

Use some wood glue or other heavy duty glue to glue your mirror.

Add leather loops to the bottom of the backboard (underneath the shelf) with screws and a drill. If you do not have leather strip you may use metal hooks.

If desired, add a very small leather strip (like 2 inches long) to use as a toothbrush holder, up top near the mirror, with a screw on each side, as shown. Or you may use any other type of hook here.

Side note: Check the sturdiness of your shelf before adding heavy items to it. If it’s just a handful of things like shown, you’ll be fine. But it’s not a miracle worker, its just a shelf, so don’t overload it with super heavy stuff unless you feel confident in how you built it and how many screws you put in.