DIY Outdoor Shelf

Another sweet little accent shelf piece, to add to your collection of backyard fun - or even indoors too! This shelf is very versatile and can be used for many applications.

You will need:

-       Lumber 1 X 2

-       Lumber 1 X 3

-       plywood of 12mm

-       wood glue

-       nails 1 1/2‘ and ¾’

-       hammer

-       sandpaper 120 grid

-       screws

-       power drill

-       ruler or tape measure

-       wood stain or any other paint color of your choice

-       pencil (for marking)


Once you cut your boards; horizontal ones (5) at 35.5 cm and vertical ones (3) at 56 cm lay them out on the table face down as show on below picture. Apply glue and then nail (size 1 ½’) the cross joints together. Do not forget to sand your boards before which is much easier than after it is assembled.


That part done, now you glue and nail (size ¾’) the shelf and after that you attach it to the window part. To do that you need to turn the window upside down over the shelf. Hold the outside edges flush, and glue and sink a few screws on each outside edge. The size of the self; sideboard (13 x 8.5cm), front (33 x 5cm), bottom (33 x 13cm) 


Next, you take this puppy up, take your last board to cap the top, glue and screw it to the frame, and that's all folks! Give it a nice stain or color and hooks to finish it up.