DIY Picture frame

A fun alternative to picture frames that can be easily modified to fit your decor! These would also make a cute housewarming or wedding gift with a fun piece of homemade art!

The first step is cut all the main pieces.

Cut the 3 (or ) 4 main frame pieces first –  plus top and bottom. If you are not using pallet wood you may use timber 1 X 3 for the main back pieces and timber 1 x 2 for the top and bottom.

After cutting the wood, give each piece a good sand (you may use 80 grid).

If you are making this frame for a particular image make sure to work out the width and height plus adding at least 10mm each way for some clearance around the image.

Cut the sides 310mm long, and the top and bottom 210 mm long.

Simply place wood glue onto the back of each 2″ piece, and glue these to the  3″ boards on the top and bottom. You should also glue the sides of the 3” boards.

 Allow glue to dry, and then paint it with grey wash stain.

 After that, create a jute hanger for your frame. Cut a piece of jute (or twine/ribbon/yarn) and staple each side to the back of the plaque as shown.  Don’t have a staple gun?  You could simply use a thumb or small nail to secure the jute ends to the plaque.

 Next, attach your bulldog clip to the front of the plaque with a short screw or glue.

 Hang your picture and enjoy!