DIY Vegetable & Fruit Bin

Easy DIY Vegetable & Fruit storage Bin with divider. It is a perfect beginner woodworking project or a great way to use up the scraps and organize the kitchen or any other area!

You will need:

-       Plywood of 15mm

-       wood glue

-       nails 1 1/2‘

-       hammer

-       sandpaper 120 grid

-       ruler or tape measure

-       wood stain or any other paint color of your choice

-       chalkboard paint

-       pencil (for marking)


Once you cut your boards; sides (2) at 20 by 17.7cm, middle (1) at 20 by 16.6  cm, bottom at 37 by 20cm, back at 40 by 17.7cm and front at 40 by 8cm you sand all your wood pieces. Next step is to attach the two sides to the bottom with wood glue and finish nails. Same thing for attaching the back and front pieces.

Lastly, attach the middle board to your bin at the desired place.

Give it a good sanding and finish it with a stain color of choice. For the labels in front you may use the chalkboard paint.

Viola, super simple build!