DIY Wood Mosaic Wall Decor

Who wouldn’t enjoy a small section of wood mosaic as a wall art? Check out how easy this project is! Anyone can do it- promise!

You will need:

 -Rigid backing material (you can use a scrap piece of 6cm plywood)
-2 x 2 lumber to create the blocks (cut them into different sizes to create the effect)
-Bison kit or wood glue
-Wood stain (you can choose your own color(s))
-Rag towel for staining

-Picture-hanging hardware
-Hammer to attach picture-hanging hardware


The size of this project is totally up to you. To determine the size of your own wooden mosaic piece, you should arrange them in a single layer, and then measure the area that the blocks covered for example 19 cm and cut out a scrap piece of plywood to be about a little shorter than the entire area of blocks so that the attached blocks would overhang the edge and hide the backing material.


Next step is to sand the edges of the blocks, stain them the different colors. The difference in tones will work together to create a varied mosaic as you arrange each block on a different side. You may also stain the backing material to make it less popping.


After the wood stain has aired out a bit, you can arrange each block on the backing piece. Find the side of each block you like best and face it upwards, aiming for a variety of stripes and tones in the finished piece. Arrange your blocks in a random way to achieve a variety without a noticeable pattern.


Row by row, lift up each positioned wood block, one by one, and glue each one into place by applying glue on the bottoms and on the sides that touch neighboring blocks. Once the glue has dried, attach the picture-hanging hardware to the backboard. If your finished piece is pretty substantial and heavy, you'll probably want to get a set of two hooks that can be screwed into either side of the back in order to hold heavy-duty picture-hanging wire.