DIY Woodbox Centerpiece

This wood box is simple and it’s super versatile and can be used in all kinds of different
ways. Really easy to make!
Narrow box out of 1 x 6 boards and with a rustic, distressed look with a combination of
stain and white paint.


3 – 1 x 6 cut to 39.5cm

2 – 1 x 6 cut to 17.8cm

miter saw and/or circular saw

tape measure


8 1 3/4″ Screws

palm sander

paint or stain of choice



First, cut all your 1 x 6 pieces .The top two pieces are the short sides, the next two

pieces are the long sides, and the bottom piece will be the bottom of the box.

Use 8 1 3/4″ screws to attach the short sides to the long sides (if wanted it can be predrilled).

Then drop the bottom

piece inside the box

you’ve created and add

screws to secure. Sand all

the edges down

smooth and wipe the box

to remove any dust.

After the box is built, you can add whatever finish you like. To get chippy look you can

start with a darker stain (e.g Walnut) on the wood underneath, than paint lightly over

the stain with white paint (use clean brush and keep it dry).

Once you’re happy with the distressing, add a drawer pull to each of the short sides.

There are variety of these kind of antique-looking pulls.

Hope you loved this DIY Woodbox Centerpiece!