DIY Wooden ladder for all your shoes or other products

Everyone knows it, all those shoes that are everywhere. There are many useful and attractive ways to store all your shoes. With this great wooden ladder you can neatly store and display all your shoes. Read below how you make this easy and practical wooden ladder yourself.


- Wooden ladder
- Wooden planks
- L-brackets


- Drill
- Screws

Special for the girls! And the boys can help build.

Women have a lot of shoes, we can’t beat that. Ideally, the woman wants to show them all, because that's why you have them. Unfortunately, this takes up a lot of space.

With this DIY you can show all your shoes without taking up a lot of space.
You can lose your shoes, but you can also admire them one by one.

All you need is a ladder (wooden) and a few shelves. The best thing is that the shelves do not all have the same dimensions. The longest shelf should be around 110 centimeters and comes at the bottom of the charger. The shortest plank and also the top shelf must be about 55 centimeters. Make sure that the board that is between the bottom and the top shelf is also between the dimensions. So that the length of the shelves runs down like a pyramid.

It is useful to fix the boards to the ladder.

Press the L-brackets up against the ladder cross beam and the plank and use your drill to secure the L-brackets. 

Besides the fact that you can use it for shoes, you can also use it as a home décor.