DIY Wooden Lantern

These easy DIY Wood Lanterns make fabulous decorations for the interior or exterior of your home.

Lanterns are very versatile for decorating and they add ambience to a space. They fit well for several decorating styles, different themes, parties and the changing seasons and holidays.


You will need:

- 2 pieces of 1X10 lumber cut to 24 cm (top and bottom)

- 4 pieces of 2X2 lumber cut to 36 cm (legs/ supports)

- 1 piece of 2X4 lumber cut to 10 cm (top decoration)

- 2 pieces of 1X2 lumber cut to 15 cm (bottom support)

- wood glue

- wood filler

- hammer

- sandpaper 80grid

- nails 1½’

- wood stain or any other paint color of your choice

- old decorative door/ drawer knob (optional)


Start off by sanding all your wood pieces. Once your cuts are done glue and nail the supports to the bottom piece. You may use a square to help with placement. 

After that, do the same for the top piece. Glue and nail the top to the four support pieces. You may now also glue and nail the two feet (1X2 lumber) to the bottom piece and also the decorative top piece (2X4 lumber) to the main top piece.

Fill in the gaps or holes with wood filler and sand over it again. Next and last step is to paint it now with the color of your choice.


 P.s. You could definitely add a LED candle or vase with some vase filler to spruce it up even more.