How to install a wall-hung toilets

Instructions how to install a wall-hung toilet in 11 easy steps. Download the pdf for a step by step guide of your project.

Step 1

Place the frame against the wall and adjust the feet of the bracket to the desired height.

Step 2

Mark the necessary mounting holes for the frame on the wall and floor and drill the holes. Ensure the bracket is level.

Step 3

Attach the toilet waste pipe to the sewer.

Step 4

Attach the tank, if it is not already pre-installed onto the frame. Shut off the water to the tank by placing a float valve and/or placing and/or connecting a (angle) stop valve. Install the tank and test it for operation. Put a bucket under the tank for this test. Make sure the tank fills up again.

Step 5

Insert the supplied screws into the frame, and then mount the toilet bowl. Connect the toilet bowl to the toilet waste pipe. Connect the water tank with the flush pipe and the supplied tubes.

Step 6

Flush a few times through, to test if everything works well and is waterproof.

Step 7

If everything works properly, remove the toilet bowl and then proceed to cover the frame. You can use waterproof plywood (minimum 18 mm), green board or concrete blocks.

Draw  the necessary openings (for example the screws and flush panel) in the structure by using the supplied template, and cut it out using a jigsaw.

Step 8

If you desire you can decorate the covered frame with tiles or mesh. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 9

Mount the toilet bowl on the screws attached to the frame. Do this with the supplied washers and nuts. Do not tighten the nuts too tightly, in order not to break the toilet.

Step 10

Apply silicone between the toilet and the wall.

Step 11

Attach the panel on the casing.