How to install eternit

Instructions how to install eternit in 5 easy steps. Download the pdf for a step by step guide of your project.

Step 1: 

Before starting the installation of the eternit sheets, make sure:

  • That the slope of the roof is adequate;
  • That the distance between purlins matches the sheets to be used;
  • That the purlins are aligned and fixed to the main structure. They must form a single plane and have no humps;
  • That all structural elements are installed (purlins, stretchers, etc.);
  • That the roof cover materials are stored correctly;
  • That your collaborators know about the application of the products and safety regulations.

Step 2

While installing, maintain the recommended distance (see table) between the purlins. The minimum slope angle for a roof cover is 15 degrees.

Sheet #Distance
2 0.47 m
5 1.38 m
6 0.845 m
7 0.99 m
8 1.15 m







Step 3:

Side lap and slope of the roof (see images)

Step 4

To obtain a perfect fit, cut or dull the corners of the two central sheets so an overlap of four sheet corners is avoided. Do not forget to cut the ridges. For this operation, use a compass saw or a hand planer.

The installation of the sheets must be done in the opposite direction to the predominant winds of the region, starting from bottom to top and with the sheets of greater length.

Step 5

Lastly fix the trestles with ties of wire or screws placed in the high waves. Hold the ties to the
strap of the top beam, the fixation depends on the structure of the wood, metal etc.