How to install rain gutters

Instructions how to install rain gutters in 3 easy steps. Download the pdf for a step by step guide of your project.

Installing rain gutters

The main purpose of Installing rain gutters is to protect your house from rain water or to collect the water for domestic use purposes. Whether it’s a PVC , an aluminum or any other gutter system, the installation procedure is exactly the same.

Step 1: Gutter and Downspout Preparation

Before installing rain gutters, decide where the placement of your downspouts and gutters will be. The downspouts should not allow rain water to stand near the house’s foundation, or areas such as a driveway or carport. If regular downspouts are not readily applicable for use, you may consider purchasing a gutter downspout extender to direct the water away from your home.

Step 2: Measuring, assembling and Cutting Gutters

Measure the length of the working area and add three or four extra centimeters to ensure all the pieces will join together correctly. An additional two to three centimeters should be added to the gutter ends, to account for the overhang of roof plates.

Use a hacksaw to cut the pieces as measured. Once cut to size, assemble the pieces by overlapping the seams by the amount allotted during cutting. Use rivets to join the pieces together and caulk the seams. While constructing the gutters, make sure that the inner pieces of gutter are sloping slightly downward toward the downspout. Attach an end cap with rivets and caulk the inner joint.

Next, examine the area where you will install your gutters. If there is molding or dirt you should remove it or clean it. This will give you a clean slate on which to install the gutters. Determine the placement of the gutters by measuring and marking about one and a half centimeters from each end of the roof, using a string level to ensure that the marks are level.

Step 3: Measuring and assembling Downspout

Measure from the corner of your home to the center of the downspout and mark the result on the gutter. Use tin snips to cut an outlet for your downspout and attach the downspout with the crimped sections of the elbows facing downward. Use rust resistant screws to attach the downspout for easier removal and cleaning.