Installing tiles on concrete floor

Instructions how to install tiles on concrete floor in 10 easy steps. Download the pdf for a step by step guide of your project.

Step 1

Examine the floor for any cracks that will need to be fixed before beginning, and repair the floor accordingly.

Step 2

Survey the floor for uneven areas, and use the patching or leveling product according to the manufacturer’s instructions to create an even surface. Allow this product to dry completely before continuing.

Step 3

Evaluate your concrete surface. It should be level clean, dry and free of defects. However, if the concrete is too smooth, the mortar will not stick, so use a concrete sander or acid etching agent to rough the surface up a little bit.

Step 4

Plan the layout of your tiles, starting in the center of the room. This is important because you will most likely have to cut some tiles, and you will want the cut tiles to be in the most inconspicuous spots.

Step 5

Mix the thin-set tile mortar according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t mix too much at one time, because it will begin to harden fairly quickly. A premixed adhesive can also be used.

Step 6

Use the trowel to spread the mortar over a small area. Then comb through it with a notched trowel. Press the tiles into the mortar, jiggling lightly to set. Use the spacers to ensure that the spacing between tiles is even.

Step 7

Allow the mortar to dry once all of the tiles are in place. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s specified drying time, and give the mortar ample time to dry.

Step 8

Mix the grout according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use the grout float to liberally spread the grout over the tiles. Ensure that there aren’t any uneven areas in the grout, and use a clean, damp rag to wipe the excess grout from the tile surface.

Step 9

Allow the grout time to set, and repeat Step 9. Allow the grout to dry completely this time.

Step 10

Use wet rags to wash the entire floor once it is completely dry. Allow it to dry, and rub the tiles with a dry cloth to remove any grout haze. You may want to use a grout sealant to prevent any stains.