Wavin smartFIX

Instructions how to install Wavin smartFIX in 5 easy steps. Download the pdf for a step by step guide of your project.

Step 1

First measure exactly where the pipes will be installed. Drill holes into the area where you will install the pipes to fasten them. The pipes that are laid on the bearing sub-floor must be fastened. A fastening fixture can be set at about every one meter of pipe length (use this as an approximate to insure straight pipes).  Use this measure only for straight pipes, if you have to bend the pipe then you will have to use at least two fastening fixtures; one in front of and one behind the so called elbows. So you use at least two fixtures were the pipes change directions.

Step 2

Now we start working with the Waving SmartFIX. Cut the pipes of 16 – 25 millimeters diameter with the universal shears (see image below) squarely. Cut the pipe as straight as possible. This is how you create the push fit connection with the SmartFix.

Step 3

Calibrate the pipe with calibrating mandrel (see image Step 3) and chamfer it. To chamfer means to create a beveled edge connecting two surfaces, in this case the inside and the outside of the pipe. After chamfering the pipe, a circular bevel of at least 1 millimeter (Da 16 – 25) has to be visible. Or you can also calibrate the pipe with the accu calibration mandrel (see image Step 3). The maximum speed when using the calibrator on accu or drilling machine is 500 m-1.

Step 4

Once you are done with the cutting and calibration of the pipe, slide it into the fitting (see image Step 4) until it stops. The little window (arrow) shows if the pipe is correctly fitted. Once the pipe is fitted it is impossible to pull it out of the fitting. This is one of the many features that make the SmartFix so easy to install.

Step 5

Bending the pipes to change directions is also very simple. This can be done by using the expansion bend. The pipe can easily bend. Just insert the expansion bend and bend the pipe to the desired angle. There is a formula to calculate the angle. You can always contact one of our experts at any of your favorite Kooyman stores.