Kooyman offers an abundance of career prospects. Those who know how to set about their work are provided with many opportunities at Kooyman. In addition, our focus on continuous learning & development offers training programs, coaching and many opportunities for self-development, always encouraging you to go one step further.

Kooyman is an organization of continuous learning. Continuous training and coaching are the secrets of an enjoyable and stimulating working environment where you work to learn and learn to work as a Kooyman expert.

At Kooyman, employees have a proactive way of working and are service and customer-oriented. Each position within Kooyman contributes to the company’s success. Beside the aforementioned, employees working in our stores enjoy learning about the products in the different departments and their possible uses.

At Kooyman, we expect a proactive attitude in taking responsibility and actions related to your position and team. This could concern the entire store, a particular product group, a number of shelves or the entire shop-premises. In addition, as a Kooyman employee you should like working in close conjunction with colleagues and are proud of achieved successes.

Kooyman is well-known for its excellent service. Customers can call on all employees in the store for expert advice. In order to offer the right products, it’s equally important to be familiar with the broad range of products offered by Kooyman as it is to have a well-developed commercial sense.

You can apply to the different vacant positions within Kooyman by filling out the application form below. Your application will be attended to by our HR department. A psychological assessment can be part of the recruitment process.

Location Job description Date FT/PT Affiliate Department
All islands Assistant Storemanager 01-08-2018 Fulltime Stores
All islands Open sollicitatie 01-07-2018 Fulltime
All islands Retail Marketing Manager 17-09-2018 Fulltime Kooyman Head Office Inkoop & Marketing
Bonaire Drive Thru / Yard Assistant 11-07-2018 Fulltime Kooyman Bonaire Stores
Bonaire Cycle Counting Officer 01-08-2018 Fulltime Kooyman Bonaire Stores
Bonaire Replenishment Assistant Parttimer/ Scholier 08-08-2018 Parttime Kooyman Bonaire Stores
Bonaire Warehouse Assistant 02-08-2018 Fulltime Kooyman Bonaire Logistiek
Bonaire Salesperson Paint 22-08-2018 Fulltime Kooyman Bonaire Operations
Bonaire Account Manager 19-09-2018 Fulltime Kooyman Bonaire Operations
Curaçao Account Manager 19-09-2018 Fulltime Operations
Curaçao Stagiaire Marketing Communicatie & Employer Branding 15-02-2018 Fulltime Kooyman Head Office
Curaçao Salesperson (tools) 23-07-2018 Fulltime Kooyman Megastore Stores
Curaçao Salesperson (Plumbing) 01-08-2018 Fulltime Kooyman Megastore Operations
Curaçao Greeter 19-09-2018 Parttime Kooyman St. Maria Stores
St. Maarten Gatekeeper 07-06-2018 Fulltime Kooyman St. Maarten Stores
St. Maarten Drive Thru/ Yard Assistant 16-04-2018 Fulltime Kooyman St. Maarten Stores
St. Maarten Salesperson Kitchen & Bath 13-09-2018 Fulltime Kooyman St. Maarten Stores
St. Maarten Cycle Counting Officer 13-09-2018 Fulltime Kooyman St. Maarten Stores