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The Manager Supply Chain Planning is responsible for providing supply planning and building analytic capabilities to drive improvements in the end-to-end supply chain.

The Manager Supply Chain Planning is in charge of a team of four, who are responsible for defining, analyzing and reporting of the replenishment of the Inventory for the various departments in all our Kooyman stores. You are also responsible for planning, managing and monitoring of a continuous and well-founded adjustment and control process of order points and order frequencies in order to achieve and maintain the agreed stock and availability targets. You enhance performance by reducing inefficiencies that might consume profits.

As a Manager Supply Chain Planning you must be well versed in a number of subjects, mainly the use of mathematics and statistics in order to achieve the stock and availability targets and managing your team.


Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the forecasting, stock level and service level of the regular stock items by stimulating the use and continuous development of mathematical models, inventory reports, analyzes and other techniques and related software to predict future stock needs and to monitor and control current inventory and availability levels.
  • Responsible for managing a team of four colleagues.
  • Interpret data on logistics elements, such as lead time, availability, maintainability, reliability, supply chain management and strategic sourcing.
  • Prepare reports on logistics performance measures in the field of stock management and availability.
  • Contribute with logistics management team to determine ways to optimize service levels, maintain supply-chain efficiency or minimize cost.
  • Provide systematic content at department level (tactically) to the Supply Chain Management objectives from the Business Plan, set frameworks, conditions and guidelines.


Job requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • At least 3 years of relevant work experience in a similar job
  • Specific knowledge and experience with mathematics, statistics and logistical forecasting
  • Familiar with thinking in terms of GMROI
  • Knowledge of purchasing / sales / logistics processes
  • Experience with advanced planning tools like Slimstock
  • Problem solving and positive critical thinking skills
  • Affinity with the latest developments in the field of demand planning and forecasting
  • Experience with Excel Power BI is a plus
  • Strong communication skills
  • Managerial experience



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